Saturday, Oct. 17

Officers issued six traffic-related warnings, followed up on three alarms and three 911 calls, and handled two confidential incidents.

12:43 a.m.: An officer checked on a reportedly suspicious vehicle in the 1500 block of Madison Avenue and it was secured and unoccupied. Everything was fine.

12:56 a.m.: An officer removed debris from the intersection of South Water Street East and South Main Street.

1:18 a.m.: An officer provided a ride home to an intoxicated 44-year-old man when the officer found him in the 200 block of Park Street.

1:33 a.m.: Someone was picked up by an officer in the 200 block of North Main Street following a complaint from McDonald’s staff in the 200 block of North Main Street, after a complaint that the person was pounding on the restaurant door. The individual was intoxicated. The officer picked up and gave the person a ride home. Charges for bail jumping and disorderly conduct will be prepared.

3:06 a.m.: An officer checked the welfare of a person in the 600 block of Nelson Street.

3:17 a.m.: A resident from the 100 block of West Milwaukee Avenue reported someone lying in the road. Ryan Brothers Ambulance Service and an officer were on their way when the person got up and began walking. The officer checked the surrounding area, but was unable to locate the individual and the call to Ryan Brothers was canceled.

5:50 a.m.: An officer was asked to check a report of a suspicious vehicle parked near a dumpster in the first block of South Third Street East, but the vehicle was gone when the officer arrived.

7:13 a.m.: An officer followed up on a report of the sound of a gunshot in the 300 block of Garfield Street and found that a transformer in the area had blown out. We Energies was notified.

9:44 a.m.: A woman was picked up from the road at the intersection of Grove Street and West Rockwell Avenue, following a 911 call. She was intoxicated. The woman was transported to a family member and left in their care.

11:54 a.m.: A 24-year-old man was cited at the intersection of Cloute Street and Madison Avenue for operating a vehicle after suspension of driver’s license. He was issued a 15-day correction notice for excessive side window tint, tinted windshield and no front plate.

12:30 p.m.: A 60-year-old Whitewater woman was issued a 15-day correction notice for improper display of registration at the intersection of South Main Street and Whitewater Avenue.

1:34 p.m.: A 25-year-old Fort Atkinson woman was cited for violation of child safety restraints/child under four years of age at the intersection of Martin and North High streets. She was issued a 15-day correction notice for operating a vehicle without insurance.

1:46 p.m.: An officer stood by in the 1100 block of Adrian Boulevard to keep the peace while a resident removed some belongings.

2:12 p.m.: A 15-day correction notice for expired vehicle registration was issued to a 20-year-old Watertown man at the intersection of Jefferson and North Third streets.

3:54 p.m.: An officer spoke with a resident from the 100 block of West Milwaukee Avenue about an issue that turned out to be civil in nature.

5:37 p.m.: An officer left a message for the Fort Atkinson Department of Public Works about a sign that needed to be repaired in the 1600 block of Madison Avenue.

5:52 p.m.: An officer spoke with a resident from the 1000 block of Monroe Street looking for information on how to handle a neighbor.

5:59 p.m.: Ryan Brothers Ambulance Service transported a man from the 1100 block of Caswell Street to Fort Memorial Hospital.

6:18 p.m.: An officer assisted someone from the 1200 block of Whitewater Avenue with a brief question about a civil issue.

7:26 p.m.: Someone reported a broken flagpole in the 1100 block of North Main Street caused by the winds. The person asked that a keyholder for the business be notified. The dispatch staff contacted the keyholder and shared the information.

8:44 p.m.: The Fort Atkinson Fire Department was paged to burning leaves in the 800 block of Monroe Street.

10:13 p.m.: A 26-year-old Reeseville man was cited at the Main Street bridge for operating a vehicle after revocation of driver’s license. He was warned for defective tail light and failing to obey traffic-control signal.

11:53 p.m.: A 49-year-old man from Prairie du Sac was warned for disorderly conduct/intoxication following a call about a disturbance in the 200 block of South Water Street East.

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