Fort Community Credit Union (FCCU) recently donated $20,000 in support of the food pantries in the Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Watertown and Whitewater communities.

Additionally, the efforts aided the work of the Whitewater Community Space. These funds were made possible through a grant offered by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago as part of a $30 million COVID-19 Relief Program.

“When we learned of this opportunity, we knew we had to take action,” said Sue Johnson, CEO of FCCU. “It was an incredibly generous offer and we wanted to be sure Jefferson County could benefit from it. We chose the food pantries and Whitewater Community space because of their ability to serve those in need.”

The local food pantries serve families in their respective school districts on an emergency basis. Due to recent events, the operations have shifted to purchasing food from local stores so families can continue to have choices.

The funds will be used to continue operations and keep shelves stocked, allowing for some assurance during uncertain times.

For additional information about these organizations visit:

Fort Atkinson Food Pantry:

Jefferson Food Pantry:

Watertown Food Pantry:

Whitewater Community Space:

Whitewater Food Pantry:

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