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Fort Scholarships, the online scholarship application website sponsored by the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation, now is open and accepting applications for the 2020 scholarship season.

Local students will find Fort Scholarships to be a very convenient one-stop-shop where they can review the eligibility requirements for a whole host of local scholarships and then apply for those for which they qualify. Housed on the site are all 40 of the competitive scholarships offered by the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation, plus many of those offered through Fort Atkinson High School.

To access the Fort Scholarships website, students should start their scholarship search at www.fortfoundation.org, the website of the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation, where they will find a comprehensive listing of all the scholarships offered by the Foundation, along with their eligibility requirements.

Once potential applicants have determined the scholarships for which they are eligible, they then can click on the link directing them to the Fort Scholarships application website.

At Fort Scholarships, applicants will be able to create an account and begin working on their application — one application that will be used for all the scholarships for which they apply. When selecting scholarship opportunities, applicants will have another chance to review the eligibility requirements for each scholarship to make sure they qualify for those they select.

They also will see listed many of the scholarships offered through Fort Atkinson High School and be able to apply for those from this site as well.

The application can be worked on intermittently as the work can be saved and applicants can log in later and pick up where they left off.

There are two deadlines for submitting applications — Feb. 1 for most scholarships to which high school seniors may apply, and April 1 for all undergraduate and graduate scholarships as well as voc-tech scholarships. There is no advantage gained by submitting an application early as reviewers will not have access to any applications before the deadlines.

For more information about the online scholarship application process, visit the Foundation’s website listed above, or contact Sue Hartwick, the Community Foundation’s executive director, at (920) 563-3210, office; (920) 222-1191, mobile; or via email at facf@fortfoundation.org. Questions also can be directed to Katie Utphall, school counselor at Fort Atkinson High School, at (920) 563-7811.

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