Jacqueline Wolff-Ellifson

LAKE MILLS — Fort HealthCare Lake welcomes a new adult nurse practitioner to its team of providers.

Jacqueline Wolff-Ellifson joins the expert team of providers at the Fort HealthCare Lake Mills clinic.

“I have been a nurse for over 20 years, and 14 of those years has been with Fort HealthCare,” Wolff-Ellifson states. “I feel privileged to continue my advanced career as a nurse practitioner for Fort HealthCare. My passion has been women’s health care.

“Early on in my nursing career I learned to place myself into my patients’ shoes and treat them as I would want to be treated,” she continues. “I plan to continue this in my nurse practitioner role.”

She said her practice philosophy is centered around developing a partnership with her patients.

“This partnership involves my patients having an equal ownership and responsibility in their own health care,” Wolff-Ellifson said. “I am looking forward to working together with my patients to achieve common goals, from treating an infection to managing a chronic disease, all the while educating them about health, wellness and preventive care.

“Health care decisions must be made mutually in order to ensure a patient’s greatest chance of success,” she continued. “I feel it is important to explain treatment options, the plan of care, what expected outcomes should be as well as what possible complications might occur.

“I look forward to educating my patients and their family members, so they form an understanding of health, wellness and disease processes,” Wolff-Ellifson said. “I want to take the mystery out of health care and medical terminology, so patients and families have a better overall understanding.”

Wolff-Ellifson also is looking forward to developing professional partnerships with other health care professionals.

“This partnership includes fellow nurse practitioners, physicians, nurses and other staff members throughout Fort HealthCare,” she stated. “I feel this partnership involves collaboration and a willingness to learn from each other to better help patients. Being able to collaborate with other professionals is in the best interest of high-quality patient care.”

Wolff-Ellifson received her training from Edgewood College in Madison, and her master’s degree in Nursing from Marquette University in Milwaukee.

“My education as an adult nurse practitioner has helped me focus on treating the whole person, providing holistic care to the individual and not just focusing on their disease or illness.”

In her spare time, she enjoys being with her family.

“My husband and I have three children, and we love spending time outside, whether caring for our animals on our hobby farm or taking long walks in the woods,” Wolff-Ellifson said. “My family and I are active with our 4-H Club and enjoy volunteering in community service activities.

“I enjoy living in Jefferson County,” she commented. “I look forward to my new and exciting career as a nurse practitioner for Fort HealthCare, caring for individuals that reside in the area.”

She currently is accepting new patients, seeing them by appointment in the Fort HealthCare Lake Mills clinic, located at 200 E. Tyranena Park Road in Lake Mills. To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at (920) 648-8393.

Fort HealthCare participates in most insurance plans, including Dean Care, Dean Care Gold, Unity, Physicians Plus, MercyCare, Humana, United Healthcare, and more. For a complete listing, visit FortHealthCare.com/Insurance.

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