Fort Healthy Community Coalition is seeking nominations for its 2020 Wellness Wheel Award.

Any member of the community is invited to submit a nomination for a business, individual or organization which has worked to improve the health and wellness of the community or their employees.

Nominations can be submitted at Applications are due July 1.

The vision of Fort Healthy is to help Jefferson County become the healthiest county in Wisconsin. Fort Healthy’s goals are to reduce obesity, educate the community about the nutritional content of food, how to select healthy foods, promote water consumption and increase the physical activity of citizens.

The Wellness Wheel Award recognizes partners in the community who help with achieving these goals.

Fort Healthy selected Jones Dairy Farm to receive the first Wellness Wheel award in 2017.

Jones Dairy Farm has taken the extra step to create products that fit into a healthy lifestyle.

They developed one of the first light breakfast sausages back in 1988.

Turkey and chicken sausage were added to their product line. Jones Market features many additional healthy products from Wisconsin.

Jones Dairy Farm also is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of its employees. They have partnered with Blackhawk Family Fitness to provide employees the opportunity to attend fitness classes, run on the treadmill or use workout equipment.

They also are part of Fort Healthcare’s annual “Rock the Walk” physical challenge.

In 2018, Ivy’s Yoga and Holistic Arts was recognized for offering free yoga and stretching sessions at the Saturday morning Fort Farmers Market.

In addition, Ivey had established the Pink Warrior program to help individuals going through breast cancer treatments providing support, education and healing services, yoga therapy and meditation instruction.

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