Fort Memorial Hospital Foundation announces $26,750 in scholarship awards for students pursuing academic degrees in career fields that support Fort HealthCare’s mission.

Each of the following scholarships is made possible by generous donations in recognition of the important roles of health care to maintain the quality of life we enjoy in the communities served by Fort HealthCare.

Thank you to each of our benefactors and the hundreds of people who donated memorial contributions to make these scholarships possible.

The Florence Falk Nursing Scholarship was established in 2019 in memory of Florence Falk’s nursing career at Fort HealthCare. The first three recipients of this scholarship are: Laura Garcia, Jefferson (Nursing, $750); Makinzie Luedke, Fort Atkinson (Nursing, $750); Anne Strieter, Cambridge (Nursing, $750); Lea Voelz, Watertown (Nursing, $750).

The Wanda L. Draeger Nursing Scholarship was established in 2018 in memory of Wanda Draeger’s nursing career at Fort HealthCare. A scholarship was awarded to Tylynn Vidar, Jefferson (Nursing, $1,000).

The Arthur and Nancy Nesbitt Scholarship is awarding 12 scholarships to nursing students who are Fort HealthCare employees. In its sixth year, the following people have been awarded scholarships: Abigail Bare, Fort Atkinson (Nurse Practitioner, $1,000); Colleen Buedler, Watertown (Nursing, $1,000); Heather Freudenberger, Elkhorn (Nursing Leadership, $1,000); Laura Garcia, Jefferson (Nursing, $1,000); Laura Jacobson, Jefferson (Nursing, $1,000); Sheryl Krause, Cottage Grove (Nursing Leadership, $1,000); Makinzie Luedke, Fort Atkinson (Nursing, $1,000); Morgan Stendel, Johnson Creek (Nursing, $1,000); Margaret Stewart, Janesville (Nursing Leadership, $1,000); Alyssa Toczyski, Johnson Creek (Family Nurse Practitioner, $1,000); Lea Voelz, Fort Atkinson (Nursing, $1,000); Brittany Walling, Fort Atkinson (Nursing, $1,000).

The Dr. Donald and Barbara Williams Scholarship was established in recognition of the important role Fort HealthCare employees play in providing excellent care and supporting the medical staff. In its eighth year, the following scholarships have been awarded: Greg Dempsey, Jefferson (Sustainability Management, $1,000); Roberta Farnam, Delafield (Healthcare Administration, $1,000); Rylee Wolfe, Watertown (Medical Laboratory Science, $1,000).

The Dr. Tom and Mary Nordland Scholarship was established to thank Fort HealthCare employees for providing excellent care during Dr. Nordland’s career. The third-year recipients are: Rileigh Clark, Jefferson (Radiation Therapy, $500); Stacy Kutz, Fort Atkinson (Business Management, $1,000); Ashlyn Rulis, Whitewater (Orthopedic PT, $500).

The Scott W. Hulstein Scholarship was set up by his parents, Gerrit and Rebecca Hulstein, to recognize the caregivers who serve people in the community. In its 13th year, a 2020 scholarship is awarded to Reyne Kincaid, Fort Atkinson (Nursing, $750).

The Estelle Stinson Chase & Peter A. Chase Scholarship is awarded to Fort HealthCare employees who are studying nursing. In its 14th year, 2020 scholarships are being awarded to: Laura Jacobson, Jefferson (Nursing, $1,000); Brittany Walling, Fort Atkinson (Nursing, $1,000).

The Cynthia McKinley Kolasinski Scholarships are awarded to students studying medicine or nursing and are in the second year of school or beyond. Established in 1991, the 2020 recipients are: Abigail Bare, Fort Atkinson (Nurse Practitioner, $1,000); Sheryl Krause, Cottage Grove (Nursing Leadership, $1,000); Alyssa Toczyski, Johnson Creek (Family Nurse Practitioner, $1,000).

Congratulations to each of Fort Memorial Hospital Foundation’s 2020 scholarship recipients on behalf of the Foundation Board of Directors and the generous contributors who make these scholarships possible.

Fort Memorial Hospital Foundation is a 501©3 non-profit organization established to provide philanthropic support for Fort HealthCare’s mission and strategic priorities.

The Foundation’s focus areas are Living Healthier, Providing Exceptional Care, Providing Benevolent Care and Advancing Careers in Health Care.

For more information about Fort Memorial Hospital Foundation visit or contact us at (920) 568-5404 or

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