WHITEWATER — It might be chilly outside but live music can warm the soul and University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s Department of Music has several concerts in January and February.

Concerts will feature faculty members and visiting artists. Tickets can be purchased by calling (262) 472-2222 or online at http://tickets.uww.edu .

• Sonict presents: Guest artist Keith Kirchoff, piano and electronics, Jan. 31 at 7:30 p.m. in Light Recital Hall.

Kirchoff is a pianist, composer, conductor, concert curator and music teacher who has performed in the United States and Europe. He has degrees from the New England Conservatory and the University of Oregon.

Kirchoff performed more than 100 new works and performed the Boston premiere of Charles Ives’s “Emerson Concerto” and the world premiere of Matthew McConnell’s “Concerto for Toy Piano.”

He will perform a concert of new works for piano and electronics. www.Keithkirchoff.com

• Wisconsin Alliance for Composers Music Festival, Feb. 9, at 3 p.m. in Light Recital Hall.

The concert will feature a performance of recent chamber music compositions by members of the Wisconsin Alliance for Composers. A performance will be given by UW-Whitewater Music Department faculty.

• Sonict presents: Guest artist Willful Devices, Feb. 16 at 7:30 p.m. in Light Recital Hall.

Devices is a collaboration between composer/computer musician Scott Miller and performer/improviser Pat O’Keefe. The duo’s name refers to the fact that both musicians are manipulating devices, be it a clarinet or a computer, in order to generate sonic material.

Anyone who works with computers or musical instruments knows that despite best efforts, these devices never fully are under your control, and seem to have a mind of their own. Scott and Pat accept this fact, and even celebrate it, because within this unpredictability lies the potential for unimagined sonic discoveries.

• Faculty Concert: Leanne League, violin, Feb. 23 at 7:30 p.m. in Light Recital Hall. UW-Whitewater faculty member Leanne League will perform a variety of solo violin works.

Tickets for all listed events are $10.50 adults, $8.50 for those over 65 and under 18, and $6 for UW-Whitewater students and may be purchased by calling (262) 472-2222 or at http://tickets.uww.edu.

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