LAKE MILLS — ACT Research Services of Iowa City, Iowa, recently released the ACT scores for Lakeside Lutheran High School Class of 2019.

Of the 110 members of the 2019 class, 87, or 79 percent, wrote the exam. Based on a 36-point scale, the composite score of these students was 24.1, which is above the state score of 20.3.

This composite score keeps Lakeside Lutheran among the top 2 percent of over 460 high schools in the state, as reported by the Wisconsin Department of Instruction. Once again, Lakeside’s mathematics scores led the four tested areas with a composite score of 25.6.

According to ACT Inc., the test is not an aptitude or IQ test, but directly related to what students have learned in high school courses. They use the results to predict college readiness in four areas: English, Math, Reading, and Science.

“It is the rigor of coursework — rather than simply the number of core courses — that has the greatest impact on ACT performance and college readiness,” the non-profit organization states.

For the class of 2019, 47 percent met that benchmark in all four areas, where the state percentage was 24.

“In addition to having higher average ACT scores than many local schools, the College Board stated that our composite percentage of students who are ‘college ready’ in four core subjects is almost double the state’s composite,” said Principal James Grasby. “This means a majority of Lakeside graduates are very likely to earn a ‘B’ or above in college-level English Composition, Algebra, Social Science and Biology courses. This is a great testimony to God’s blessing on our students’ work.”

The ACT is a national college admission and placement examination that is used by more colleges than any other examination.

Begun in 1959, more than 1.8 million students wrote the ACT last school year, including almost 67,000 students in Wisconsin. The ACT is a standard assessment for all 11th-graders in Wisconsin public high schools.

For more information, contact Principal James Grasby at (920) 648-2321.

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