Organizations interested in submitting a grant application to the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation are reminded of the upcoming Sept. 15 deadline for requests to be considered at the Foundation’s October 2019 Board of Directors meeting.

Should this deadline be missed, the next opportunity to apply will be by Dec. 15 to be considered at the Board’s January 2020 meeting.

The Fort Atkinson Community Foundation helps to fund projects focused on improving the general quality of life in Fort Atkinson. Grants generally only are made to nonprofit organizations exempt from federal taxation and not to individuals.

Organizations from outside of the Fort Atkinson area may request grants but grant proceeds directly must benefit the Fort Atkinson community.

The Community Foundation looks for creative or innovative projects and programs that address community needs, and where a moderate amount of grant money can produce a significant result. In the past, the Foundation has awarded grants in program areas such as social services, the arts, education, beautification, recreation, and community development.

Grants usually will be awarded only for the accomplishment of a definite purpose within a specified time period, and not for ongoing operations.

The Fort Atkinson Community Foundation’s Board of Directors, consisting of five community leaders who serve without pay, evaluates each grant application. In 2019, the Board of Directors is comprised of Chairman Kristin Wallace, Vice-Chairman Scott Housley, Treasurer Michael Bender, Secretary Loren Gray and director Sue Johnson. Joining the five voting members are past-chairman Mary Behling and legal counsel James Vance.

Grant guidelines and application forms are available by contacting Sue Hartwick, executive director of the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation, at (920) 563-3210, office; (920) 222-1191, mobile; or via email at facf@fortfoundation.org.

To learn more about the Community Foundation, visit www.fortfoundation.org.

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