Sunday, Sept. 8

Officers issued five traffic-related warnings, assisted one individual with keys locked in car, followed up on two 911 calls, administered one preliminary breath test and handled one confidential incident.

1:20 a.m.: A 15-year-old Fort Atkinson boy was cited at the intersection of Madison Avenue and West Blackhawk Drive for operating a vehicle without a driver’s license, and warned for speeding and curfew. He was turned over to his father. A 32-year-old Fort Atkinson woman was cited for allowing an authorized minor to drive a vehicle and warned for failing to provide proof of insurance.

3:17 a.m.: A 39-year-old Minnesota man was arrested in the 1600 block of Doris Drive for domestic abuse/battery. After being booked, he was transported to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s jail.

4:46 a.m.: An officer picked up a reportedly intoxicated man in the 300 block of Grove Street following a complaint that he was outside yelling. The officer gave him a ride home.

5:08 a.m.: An officer checked a report of a suspicious vehicle in the 1200 block of Sioux Trail, but only located a person who was visiting a friend at an apartment building in the area.

7:53 a.m.: A resident from the 500 block of Shah Avenue wished to have information about a suspicious incident that occurred earlier in the morning documented.

9:34 a.m.: Ryan Brothers Ambulance Service transported someone from the 1500 block of Janesville Avenue to Fort Memorial Hospital.

10:33 a.m.: Ryan Brothers Ambulance Service transported someone from the first block of Elm Street to Fort Memorial Hospital.

11:18 a.m.: Ryan Brothers Ambulance Service transported someone from the 600 block of Coventry Circle to Fort Memorial Hospital.

12:42 p.m.: Ryan Brothers Ambulance Service transported someone from the first block of Spry Avenue to Fort Memorial Hospital.

12:48 p.m.: Someone reported that a large bin had fallen off a vehicle and was laying in the road in the 1600 block of Madison Avenue. Officers checked, but were unable to locate any material(s) left in the road.

1:29 p.m.: Officers were unable to locate a person at Fort Memorial Hospital for whom they had warrants.

2:09 p.m.: A vehicle collided with a bicyclist at the intersection of Janesville Avenue and South Third Street West. The person reporting the accident stated that the cyclist had minor injuries; however, the cyclist was refusing any medical attention.

2:53 p.m.: Someone went to the Fort Atkinson Police Department to report a sexual assault. After speaking with individuals involved, an officer determined that no sexual assault had occurred.

4:03 p.m.: A driver left a note on a vehicle in the 100 block of Edward Street after striking it while it was parked. An officer will follow up so that a crash report can be prepared.

5:10 p.m.: A woman from the 1100 block of Adrian Boulevard reported that her adult brother and his girlfriend were not following house rules. She was informed of tenant-landlord rules and if she wanted them to move out, she would have to follow the eviction process.

5:19 p.m.: No action was taken when a resident from the 1000 block of Monroe Street reported suspicious activity. There was a possibility that it might have been their son who lives there.

5:28 p.m.: A sign on a terrace at the corner of Robert and West Cramer streets was removed by an officer after someone complained about it.

6:53 p.m.: No citations were issued for a state-reportable accident when one vehicle struck a parked vehicle in the 1400 block of Lakeview Drive.

7:59 p.m.: A noise warning will be issued to a resident in the 300 block of Rogers Street following a neighbor’s complaint. The resident refused to answer their door when an officer knocked, but turned down the noise while the officer was there.

9:19 p.m.: An 18-year-old Fort Atkinson male was cited in the 300 block of Robert Street for operating a vehicle after suspension of driver’s license and unnecessary acceleration. He was issued a 15-day correction notice for driving without insurance.

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