Three generations of the Hartwick family —including Sue and Jude Hartwick, and their son Sam and his family — all are members of the Friends of the Dwight Foster Public Library in Fort Atkinson.

“We love our library, we love the unique role it plays in our community, and we love that Sam and Megan’s son — our grandson, Weston — feels so at home there,” said Sue. “He runs to the children’s section like he owns the place. And he does. We all do.

“It’s our library, and we are Friends because we want to help support its important mission of equal access, equal opportunity and endless self-improvement,” she added. “What a treat to browse shelves and bring home books to read.

“Sam and I are non-fiction readers, and we’re hoping two-year-old Weston eventually comes around to our point of view!

“Celebrate and support your library by joining the Friends organization,” Sue concluded.

The Friends organization supports and promotes library programs, services and outreach efforts for all ages. The group currently has more than 200 members and this year is striving to reach 250 Friends.

Individuals, businesses and organizations are encouraged to join by stopping at the library or joining online at

Friends will celebrate its 40th anniversary during activities on Tuesday, Sept. 17, at the library. Events will include a book sale, from 3 to 6:30 p.m., and starting at 7 p.m. the closing of bids for the “My Imagination Chair” silent auction fundraiser, a brief business meeting, and entertainment by Bill Camplin, singer-songwriter.

All events are open to the public.

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