25 Years Ago, September 1994

There would be no re-writing of the textbook which the Jefferson Eagles were using to pass Football 101 following the poor grade they turned in last week against Westosha Central before a baffled audience at Jefferson Athletic Field. “We didn’t come ready to play last week,” said co-captain Nate Fischer. “This week we did and we knew if we didn’t win, our backs would be against the wall. The only thing we could do tonight was win.” And win they did.

50 Years Ago, September 1969

The city dump, which over the years spread over many acres from near Whitewater ave. to the river, is about “filled to the brim.” And it’s also violating the state’s new dump rules since it pollutes the river. What the future holds for the reclaimed acres remains in doubt, but it could all be a pretty park one day, However, a recent attempt to plant trees in one area failed, probably because the unpacked subsoil (or junk) failed to hold the necessary moisture.

75 Years Ago, September 1944

Theron Melotte, radioman third class for Uncle Sam’s navy, and one of Fort’s most traveled citizens, has definitely decided after long and careful deliberation that the movies can have any part of his share of the alleged romantic tropical isles. “Brother,” said the slight, good looking Sailor Melotte, “Cooks Tours will have to do a miraculous post-war selling job to give me even a mild urge to ever return to what the balmy poets describe as the Pacific paradise.”

100 Years Ago, September 1919

Watertown’s “Cellar Champs” invaded the local ball park Sunday and mauled our pennant chasing Blackhawks into one of the worst defeats of the year, the final count being 7 to 2. We were all set for a tough battle, but never dreamed of a licking from the tail-enders, who with Big Benn as head villain, butchered Farnsworth’s pets with not a spark of mercy.

125 Years Ago, September 1894

The death of Wm. Meracle, of Koshkonong, from being knocked down and trampled upon by a dehorned bull, that had never before shown any viciousness, should serve as a warning to those who disregard caution in caring for bulls.

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