JEFFERSON — Gemuetlichkeit Days takes place this weekend in Jefferson, celebrating the area's German heritage.

An early fest event, the Mecki Hunt, ended Monday after it was announced that the Mecki doll was found at River's Edge Nature Preserve. (Watch for an update on the winners of the $100 prize.)

The following shares all of the clues that had been planned for the hunt:

Clue #1. (Thursday, September 5)

Guten Tag, Mecki Here!

I’m going to Gemuetlichkeit Days, its 49th year!

 I’ve looked all around town for a good place to hide,

All to help celebrate our German Pride.

 Dressed up in a coat of white, I look just right.

I’m watching the sky for Eagles in flight.

 Ich Liebe Gemuetlichkeit! 

Clue #2. (Friday, September 6)

 The place where I sit is so peaceful and calm.

I may need some sunscreen or even lip balm.

 Each year at G-Days, a party you deliver.

I sit and remember the memories as I sit be your river.

 Bitte Finde Mir! 

 Clue #3 (Monday, September 9)

Boats to the south, Cars to the north,

I’m watching them all go back and forth.

Family, Friends, Food, Polka dancing…are all such good reasons.

To enjoy the fest, this “Oktoberfest” season.

Clue #4 (Tuesday, September 10)

 What a wonderful day, maybe even for a picnic?

A brat, pretzel, or beer…all would be fantastic!

 Bring your own or get it from The Corner.

Come and join me, Gemuetlichkeit Sojourner!

 Ein Prosit! 

Clue #5 (Wednesday, September 11)

 Grass and Flowers, Stones and Sticks.

I hear this used to be the place of Cream City Bricks.

 Also, did you hear, this year there is a new stein holding contest?

Just another reason that G-Days is the best!

Clue #6  (Thursday, September 12)

 I am hiding here under this petal. 

Is this a flower?  It is made of metal!

 Close to me is a place you can park it.

I hear in days gone by, this used to be a meat market.

 Monarchs and Koenig…it is all the same!

I hope you have enjoyed this Mecki hunting game!

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