PALMYRA — The 27th season of the Palmyra-Eagle Community Band (PECB) came to abrupt end March 9 after one concert on Fat Tuesday and five rehearsals.

According to Warren Metzger, band president, “The coronavirus pandemic put a hold on rehearsals, and forced us to cancel some concerts and reschedule others to the fall like many other events in the area were doing.”

PECB had planned 18 concerts this year.

“Like many other organizations, we were hoping that experts would consider it safe enough to resume our events later in the year,” Metzger said. “But many experts now agree that it will not truly be safe to resume our rehearsals and concerts until a proven vaccine becomes widely available.

“As you know, the timeline for a widely available proven vaccine is not known but many experts expect it will take at least a year to 18 months,” he added. “Look for announcements in the Daily Jefferson County Union for resumption of our schedule.”

Ed Pierce, PECB bandmaster, added: “Our decision to cancel the year is not one taken lightly. It saddens me as I know it does you. We all carry our love of our wonderful music family in our hearts.

“Even more than music, we have all laughed together, worked together and loved together through weddings, birthdays, funerals and births,” he added. “Our band has become much more than just a platform for once a week playing: it is an extension of all that we have and share. We have created a place where we join together in our love of music and have a high sense of accomplishment!”

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