Pass Kidney Care Act

Editor, Daily Union: For over three years, dialysis has been a central part of my life. Three times every week, I go to the dialysis center, where I check in on my friends who also get treated there and catch up on my favorite cooking shows during my treatment.

The doctors and nurses at my facility are incredible. They’re like a second family, and often pick up on medical problems before they even start doing tests. Even when I suffered a major stroke at the dialysis center, they were there for me. However, other patients don’t have the benefit of all of their doctors working so seamlessly together, meaning they end up with treatments that aren't coordinated for them. This is especially true for other patients who, like me, also suffer from additional health problems like heart conditions or diabetes.

I was excited to hear Congress is working on a bill called the BETTER Kidney Care Act to help dialysis patients across the country by making it easier for their doctors to work together as well as mine do. I know U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner and other Wisconsin members of Congress from both parties have supported this issue before, and I hope they do so again.

Dialysis consistently gives me another day to spend with my husband of 46 years, my 5-year-old granddaughter, my 3-year-old grandson, my kids, and the rest of my family. By passing the BETTER Kidney Care Act, Congress can help dialysis do the same for other patients, too. — Carla Smith, Waukesha.

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