Dick Schultz, of Fort Atkinson, announced Monday that he will not seek re-election to another three-year term on the School District of Fort Atkinson Board of Education in the April election, and will be filing his non-candidacy papers.

He will, however, seek re-election to his Jefferson County Board of Supervisors seat.

“I have enjoyed working with the school district as a board member, but truly feel that it should be younger people, ideally with children in the school district,” Schultz said. “There are a lot of challenges for the board of education, many brought about by politicians at the state level catering to their own special interests. This has resulted in referendums designed to raise enough funds to just keep the public schools operating at their current level.

“It also is a contributing factor in the dissolution of the Palmyra School District,” he added. “We (Fort Atkinson) have a referendum in spring for operating expenses, and may have to have another to cover maintenance of our existing facilities.”

Schultz said individuals are needed to commit to serve for an extended amount of time on the board to become more aware of the “modus operandi” of the district and public schools in general.

“We need people with the welfare of our students and their futures in mind,” he stated. “We need people committed to improving the performance of the district.

“Personally, I would like to see a better gender balance on the board,” Schultz added. “We have good people there now, and need to ensure that continues. I would like to encourage committed community members to consider putting their names on the ballot.”

Persons who have any questions may contact board secretary Debbie Kopps at the school district office at (920) 563-7807.

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