'Snow Globe Wishes'

“Snow Globe Wishes” by Erin Dealey, illustrated by Claire Shorrock, c.2019, Sleeping Bear Press, $16.99, 32 pages.

The adults in your family are both running around.

One is checking to see if there’s enough milk. The other is gathering warm blankets and looking at the thermostat. This makes you very excited because soon, it’s going to snow a lot and that’ll be so much fun. Read the new book “Snow Globe Wishes” by Erin Dealey, illustrated by Claire Shorrock and see what else it’ll be.

The storm they’ve been talking about is coming! The winds are blowing and noses are frozen. Uh-oh, then the electricity goes out and there are no lights!

There are no phones, either, and no computers, no TV, and no ovens for cooking. People at work are sent home and they go, “bundled” against great big flakes of snow. It’s “the worst storm of the year.”

Once everybody’s home, though, and safe, well, then what?

Then your parents will build a warm fire in the fireplace and you’ll eat the dinner they brought home, but you’ll do it by candlelight. It’ll be like a grand adventure when you pull everyone inside huge “blanket forts” and listen to stories all night long. Even your pets will join you as you snuggle down under fluffy covers and listen to the quiet outside as you fall asleep.

The next morning, look! The sun’s up and the storm is over. You say hello to the snow and it whispers back, inviting you to come outside and play. It’s a snow day for everyone as families button and zip their coats and carefully open doors to see if this “snow globe day” might be filled with fun for everyone. Some grab shovels, some grab sleds, kids make snowballs and snowmen, and dogs dig holes in snow drifts.

It’s a “winter’s wonderland” outside and a great time to stand with your friends, neighbors, people you know, and those you don’t know, and enjoy the weather.

If everyone came outside, what do you suppose they’d hear?

If you live in Snow Country (or want to), that’s a question your child will want to answer again and again, which means: get ready. “Snow Globe Wishes” will be on high rotation in your house this winter.

Using a simple, sweet rhyme, author Erin Dealey tells the tale of a major snowstorm and all that it entails, making what could be scary for some kids (the loss of electricity) into a big adventure. The fun of a dark night is extended, then, by a snow day for everyone, adults included, and a full day of play. Add in gentle and gently-colored illustrations by Claire Shorrock, a soft tone that’s perfect for bedtime or quiet-time, and a sweet ending that’s not just for winter, and you’ve got a book your child will absolutely love.

Grab a snuggly blanket and a wide chair and see if your 3-to-6-year-old doesn’t want to hear a tale of peace and stillness with just a sprinkling of fun. See if “Snow Globe Wishes” doesn’t take your storytime and shake it up a little.

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