JEFFERSON — The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday released 16 recent traffic-crash reports, including a spate of weather-related accidents which took place over the weekend.

In total, six people were injured and seven citations resulted from these crashes. The tally also included four vehicle-deer collisions resulting in crashes.

Blowing snow, snowy weather, and snowy, slushy and icy roads were listed as factors in several crashes.

Town of Koshkonong

A one-vehicle crash at 2:35 a.m. Jan. 11 resulted in two citations to the driver. The incident took place on U.S. Highway 12 eastbound, near N1909 U.S. Highway 12 and 1,173 feet north of County Highway K northbound.

Cody J. Peterson, 31, Fort Atkinson — operating a 2004 BMW 325 automobile — faces citations for failure to notify law enforcement officials of an accident and operating a motor vehicle too fast for conditions.

According to the responding deputy’s crash report, the vehicle was eastbound on Highway 12 went it went off the road near N1909 Highway 12. There, it crossed a driveway and entered the ditch, striking a speed limit sign. The vehicle then rolled and came to rest in front of N1895 U.S. Highway 12.

The driver reportedly left the scene. Jefferson County Sheriff’s officials contacted Peterson on Jan. 12, whereupon he said he had lost control of his automobile on ice.

Asked why he had not reported the accident, Peterson is quoted as saying he had other things on his mind besides calling. However, the driver reportedly went to the hospital to get checked after the crash.

Town of Concord

A two-vehicle crash at 6:30 a.m. Jan. 11 injured two people. The incident took place on Interstate 94 eastbound, .66 mile east of County Highway F northbound.

Dennis Christopher Ruis, 39, Sussex, was operating a 2017 Mazda four-door car when the crash occurred.

Meanwhile, Omar Soto Saenz, 25, Milwaukee, was operating a 2005 Chevrolet G1500 van, owned by Miguel Garcia of Milwaukee.

The Saenz vehicle carried three passengers: Miguel Soto Saenz, 31; Juan Carlos Luna Soto, 29, Milwaukee; and Jose Soto Saenz, 30, Milwaukee.

Miguel Saenz was not injured in the crash, nor was the driver of that vehicle. However, two others passengers, Juan Soto and Jose Saenz, were injured — Soto with a “suspected minor injury” and Saenz with a “suspected serious injury.”

Both were transported from the scene by ambulance to Autora Medical Center in Summit for treatment.

Saenz faces citations in connection with the crash for failure to keep his vehicle under control and for operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license (his second offense within three years.)

The crash report states that the Chevrolet was westbound on I-94 in the first lane when it passed a snowplow in the second lane. Saenz lost control of the Chevrolet which then began to spin as it moved back into the other lane.

The vehicle wound up perpendicular to traffic in the first lane and collided with the Mazda which was proceeding in traffic.

The Chevrolet then went into the median and rolled onto its passenger side.

Town of Farmington

A two-vehicle crash at 6:42 a.m. Jan. 11 injured one person and resulted in two citations to a Watertown driver. The incident took place on Interstate 94 eastbound, 615 feet west of County Highway P northbound. Icy and snowy conditions contributed to the crash.

Jasmine Marie Love Johnson, 21, Watertown, faces the citations for operating a motor vehicle after her driver’s license had been suspended and operating a motor vehicle without the proper insurance.

She was operating a 2000 Nissan Maxima four-door automobile, owned by Clarence Johnson IV of Watertown, when the crash occurred.

She also was carrying passenger Jamir D. McCoy, 2, Watertown. The boy was not listed as injured but reportedly was transported via ambulance to Aurora Medical Center in Summit to be checked.

Meanwhile, a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado light pick-up truck also was involved in the crash. Its driver, Jason P. Paukner, 42, of Prairie du Sac, escaped injury in the crash.

The Silverado also carried a passenger, Makayla M. Paukner, 14, Prairie du Sac. She was not injured.

According to the responding deputy’s report, the Nissan was westbound on I-94 when the crash occurred. Johnson told sheriff’s officials she was not sure what happened but thought she had felt a bump from another vehicle, which caused the car to cross the median and enter the eastbound lanes into traffic.

Meanwhile, the Silverado was eastbound on I-94 when it impacted the Nissan on its left rear driver’s side.

The two vehicles came to rest on the eastbound shoulder.

Town of Koshkonong

A one-vehicle crash at 9:15 p.m. Jan. 11 resulted in a citation to a Fort Atkinson driver. The incident occurred at W6893 Blackhawk Island Road/State Highway 26 eastbound.

Steven J. Alvarado, 61 — operating a 2014 GMC four-door hatchback — faces a citation for failure to notify law enforcement authorities of an accident.

According to the responding deputy’s report, the GMC was northbound on Blackhawk Island Road, coming to a corner near W6893 Blackhawk Island Road, when Alvarado lost control of the hatchback which then left the road.

The vehicle went into the grass, through some trees and brush, and continued forward until it struck a post/gate. Ultimately, the report said, the GMC stopped and came to rest facing east.

The driver reportedly attempted to summon help but did not contact the sheriff’s office to report the accident.

Town of Concord

A one-vehicle crash at 9:45 p.m. Jan. 12 resulted in two citations to the driver: for failure to notify law enforcement officials of an accident and for going too fast for conditions.

The incident took place on Bakertown Road, .55 mile south of Rocky Lane.

Brad William Compton, 43, was operating a 2006 Ford Fusion four-door car when the crash occurred.

The crash report states that the vehicle was northbound on Bakertown Road when it went off the road to the east. It managed to return to the road but then went off the road again on the other side, heading into the west ditch.

From there, it went into a field and rolled. No injuries are reported.

Snow and slushy road conditions contributed to the crash.

Town of Palmyra

A one-vehicle crash at 9:37 a.m. Jan. 13 injured one person. The incident took place on County Highway E northbound, 563 feet north of Rocky Ridge Road.

Tracy E. Weidman, 39, Sullivan, was operating a 1995 Chevrolet 1500 light truck owned by Jerome D. Casey of Sullivan. She received “suspected minor injury” in the crash and was transported to Aurora Medical Center in Summit.

According to the sheriff’s report, Weidman said the Chevrolet was northbound on Highway E when its wheels went partly onto the snow-covered road.

Due to the snow, the driver reportedly was unable to regain control of the vehicle and it exited the road eastward and headed onto the front yard of property at N1943 County Highway E.

There, the truck struck a We Energies utility pole, snapping it off and leaving it hanging, supported only by the vehicle which had run into it.

Slush was listed as a contributing factor in the crash.

The incident damaged a Wisconsin Electric power pole and roadside property owned by Jenene A. Zblewski at N1943 County Highway E, Palmyra.

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