WEST ALLIS — Wisconsin State Fair officials are honored to announce they received 46 awards in various divisions and categories at the 2019 International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) Convention.

Wisconsin State Fair is judged in Division 5, which includes all fairs, expositions and rodeos with annual attendance of more than one million. The five awards programs include Agricultural, Communications, Competitive Exhibits, Sponsorship and Non-Fair Facility usage.

Within the Agricultural Awards categories, the fair received a total of eight awards, including first place in the Innovative Way Technology Is Used to Benefit Agriculture Programs category. The Agriculture Awards strive to recognize fairs that provide outstanding agricultural education to the fair-going public.

Communications received 16 awards, including seven first place designations, including Color Newspaper Ad, Magazine Ad, Single Brochure or Flyer, Commemorative Poster, Miscellaneous Marketing/Promotional Display, Miscellaneous Use of Technology to Promote Fair/Event and Unique Advertising Merchandise/Souvenirs. The Communications Awards not only provide recognition for events doing an outstanding job, but also strive to improve the advertising and communications programs for all IAFE members.

Within the Competitive Exhibits Awards, Wisconsin State Fair received a total of 17 awards this year, including Supreme Champion and Best of Division, as well as nine first-place awards in various categories. The Competitive Exhibits Awards Program recognizes excellence in displays and programs, and enhances the IAFE resource library with ideas and information for other events to utilize.

Wisconsin State Fair also was recognized for its exemplary efforts in sponsorship, winning an award in each of three categories, including first place for First Time Sponsorship and Sponsorship Continuity — as well as Best of Division.

New this year, within the Non-Fair Facility Usage Awards, the Fair received second-place honors in the Successful Non-Fair Event category.

“The IAFE awards programs are extremely competitive, and Division 5 includes the largest events worldwide, all with attendance exceeding one million visitors,” said Kathleen O’Leary, CEO of Wisconsin State Fair Park. “We are honored to consistently win various awards across all categories, which shows the breadth and depth of our strengths at the Wisconsin State Fair.

“Awards like these encourage and motivate our staff as we are planning the 2020 Wisconsin State Fair,” she added. “We are very proud of the multiple awards for our fairgoers, sponsors and affiliated partners as well.”

The 2020 Wisconsin State Fair, presented by U.S. Cellular, will take place Aug. 6-16. The fair offers a unique experience to all who attend and offers 30 free entertainment stages, rides and games in SpinCity, thousands of animals, family activities, events, contests, vendors and culinary delights.

For more information, visit Wistatefair.com visit or follow the Fair on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat.

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