Tasteless cartoon

Editor, Daily Union: I've been a faithful Daily Union reader since moving my wife and children to Fort Atkinson in June of 1984. Over the years, I've read several letters to the editor accusing the paper of being much too liberal. I silently agreed.

During those years, I was fearful of expressing my conservative opinions. I could not say much due to my wife's position at our church and the need to protect our children in their schools. During the recall of Governor Walker when things were really getting offensive, I could no longer remain silent, so I wrote my first letter. It was predictably met with several letters, one was especially offensive. So I stopped expressing myself.

Years later, when my wife and I retired, and the kids had moved away, I felt it was finally okay to let my feelings flow. Thus, I've been standing up for our president as well as other conservatives. My letters have continued. The names I've been called by gentle readers were simply ridiculous.

The Daily Union ran a cartoon in Friday's, May 15th, edition that was totally tasteless and very offensive. It shows "The Death Panel" with four state Supreme Court justices dressed in grim reaper hoodies. Each reaper has their names on their fronts. A fifth reaper has "GOP" printed on his back. This reaper is holding a large sign reading (with all capital letters) "Republicans and Wisconsin Supreme Court Kill Stay-At-Home With No Backup Plan."

Has the Daily Union finally lost their editorial mind? How insensitive and insulting can you be? I'm outraged and ashamed, and I guarantee other gentle readers feel the same. Tasteless, so tasteless. — Donald Girton, Fort Atkinson.

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