The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) soon will hold a timber sale at Prince’s Point Wildlife Area in southeastern Jefferson County.

The 1,900-acre property contains riparian wetlands and the bottomland forest community is composed heavily of ash trees. It is susceptible to emerald ash borer (EAB) — an invasive, wood-boring beetle that kills ash trees by eating the tissues under the bark. Much of the property is infected with EAB.

After multiple years of very wet conditions, the logging contractor intends to harvest trees that DNR forester Randy Stampfl marked and advertised for sale in 2015, specifically focusing on removing ash trees infected with EAB. Depending on the winter conditions, all or some of the trees might be harvested to maintain the integrity of the riparian ecosystem as much as possible by reducing rutting.

In addition to the riparian forest being harvested, the upland woods off Koch Road will be harvested. All management conducted at the wildlife area is in accordance to the Glacial Heritage Area Master Plan, which dictates the management guidelines for this DNR property.

All master plans and management decisions are open to public comment and viewing.

Visitors and residents should be aware that timber harvesting will occur this fall and winter. The DNR requests that visitors enjoying the property be mindful of this management action.

Those with questions about the timber sale or who wish to purchase a firewood permit should contact Zach Hylinski, DNR forester, at or (608) 225-4076. Permits are sold by the cord and permit revenue will aid additional habitat work.

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