1 Year Ago, September 2020Responding to increased health needs in the district during the COVID-10 pandemic, the Jefferson school board approved a new health aide position and started the process to approve the position description. This 6.5-hour-per-day position will serve all of the district’s schools on a rotating/as-needed basis.

20 Years Ago, September 2001Jefferson County’s Fifth Agricultural and Business Clean Sweep collected more than 40,000 pounds of hazardous waste at Jefferson County Park. The Clean Sweep program allowed an opportunity for farmers and agricultural businesses to dispose of pesticides, chemicals and other hazardous waste.

40 Years Ago, September 1981The Fort Atkinson police reported thefts of cash and prints. Cash totaling $300 was reported missing from a home in Fort Atkinson. The theft apparently occurred after 5 that night. There was also another case of theft when three pen-and-ink prints valued at an estimated $100 were reportedly taken from an art display at Fort Atkinson Memorial Hospital.

70 Years Ago, September 1951Fort Atkinson has proven to be an interesting place and its people have proven they are friendly and helpful. Several of the foreign students who visited Fort in a group last August have returned “because they liked it here,” which should make the city proud.

100 Years Ago, September 1921Watertown was the center of a disastrous cloudburst. The rainfall for the day was 51/2 inches. Water flooded the roads and streets and many basements were filled. So swift did the water flow down the streets that autos left standing in the streets were washed down grade, several of them being tipped over. It was the worst storm Watertown has seen in over 50 years.

150 Years Ago, September 1871Several people have noticed an unusual display of the Aurora Borealis, consisting of a single band of light drawn clear across the sky. It was said that the display lasted several minutes.

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