The City of Fort Atkinson will begin flushing its 590 fire hydrants located throughout the city on Friday, Sept. 24.

These hydrants provide fire protection to homes and businesses. Keeping each hydrant in proper working order calls for regular maintenance.

Each spring and fall the Water Utility performs a preventative action known as hydrant flushing, which verifies the network has adequate water flow to perform its essential duty.

It also serves a secondary purpose in removing sediment that naturally accumulates in water pipes. Flushing it out of the system helps uphold the high water standard the city strives to maintain.

Wherever hydrant flushing occurs, there might be a slight discoloration of water that flows from the faucet. If this appears, simply running cold water for three to five minutes should be sufficient to return water flow to its normal state.

The temporary discoloration only impacts the appearance of water and does not pose a health or safety risk. To avoid discoloring of white laundry, it is suggested to wait until cold tap water runs clear before washing such items. Residents also might notice varied water pressure during this time.

“How long we run the hydrants themselves depends on their sediment buildup. Some go for three minutes, others for 30, and we stop when the water flows clear,” commented Tim Hayden, Water Utility supervisor. “This process keeps every hydrant in good working order and alerts us to any faults we may not otherwise have been aware of.”

Residents of Fort Atkinson can expect to experience hydrant flushing in the south side industrial area beginning Sept. 24. Flushing in this area includes Janesville Avenue, south of Sixth Street and west of Grove Street.

Hydrant flushing in the remaining areas on the south side of the Rock River is scheduled to take place Monday, Sept. 27 to Thursday, Sept. 30 starting at 5 a.m.

Flushing on the north side of the Rock River is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 29 to Friday, Oct. 8, starting at 5 a.m. Directional hydrant flushing south of the Rock River is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 7, to Friday, Oct. 8, starting at 7 a.m.

The Water Quality Report for 2020 is available at:, the Dwight Foster Public Library, municipal offices and Fort Atkinson Area Chamber of Commerce or by calling (920) 563-7760.

Any questions or concerns regarding hydrant flushing can be directed to the Fort Atkinson Water Utility by calling (920) 563-7760.

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