WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN — The second-oldest missing person case in Wisconsin originated in the Town of Oakland on May 1, 1947. Eight-year-old Georgia Jean Weckler was last seen after being dropped off at the end of her family’s farm driveway by a family friend. Numerous leads have been pursued through the years, but no suspect ever formally was arrested and no remains were ever found. Weckler’s case is one of four open missing cases in Jefferson County. — Daily Union photos by Ryan Whisner.

Through the perseverance of a Brown County woman whose mother disappeared nearly three years ago, April has been designated “Missing Persons Awareness Month” in Wisconsin.

Once a shy girl, Marsha Loritz has been on a personal crusade to help others while undertaking a constant vigil in her own search for her mother, Victoria Prokopovitz, who vanished from her Town of Pittsfield home on April 25, 2013.

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