It’s the root of all evil: that halo of outgrowth upstaging your hairstyle. Even though area salons have closed, help is on the way.

Robin’s Nest styling salon owner and stylist Barbara Congdon offers tips and services to help tide over customers until their next hair-coloring appointment.

The Robin’s Nest has locations in Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Watertown and Whitewater.

While the salons are closed, Congdon said, an appointment-driven pickup service is being offered through the Fort Atkinson location, 204 W. Sherman Ave. Appointments can be made through Facebook.

For as long as supplies last, stylist Jill Liesch said, those using the pickup service will receive a free gift bag that includes trial-sized hair care products.

Gift certificates also are available through Facebook, she said.

Congdon said she hopes clients wait until the salons reopen, making, in the interim, only minimal, if any, hair adjustments. Stylists will have an easier time returning clients to their former look if they don’t do anything extreme with their hair.

Salon colors often are customized for clients, using several dyes mixed together to get the right look, matching the client’s natural qualities like skin tone, and eye and hair color, as well as enhancing their desired outcome.

For instance, clients with silver blonde- or platinum blonde-dyed hair are more susceptible to damage because stylists use strong developers to produce those effects, Congdon said.

There are shampoos that keep tone in hair. Congdon recommends the Redken line of products, including Color Extend, Magnetics and All Soft.

Purple Shampoo helps keep silver and platinum-blonde styles from turning brassy, Congdon noted.

For lighter tones, Redken offers Color Extend Blondage, which Liesch recommends for platinum and silver blondes, and Color Extend Gradient, for those with silver or gray hair.

New on the market, Liesch said, is Color Extend Brown Lights, to warm up brown hair and keep it toned and rich.

“Most people grow hair at about one-fourth of an inch per month. So it could take a few months before clients see a really noticeable difference in the way their hair looks,” Congdon said.

Covering roots requires less dye and therefore is less expensive than dying large portions of hair. Depending upon how long social distancing is necessary, clients might prepare themselves for some cost adjustments when they return for that first visit, she advised.

For those looking to cover outgrowth, Congdon recommends making temporary adjustments that are easily washed out of hair. Products using spray, powdered and even crayon applications are available in her salons and offered online, she said.

She recommends temporary concealers like XFushion Hair Fibers, which comes in a powder and is sprinkled into hair.

It comes in different natural colors and also is good for thinning hair, Liesch said.

While Congdon does not carry it, she said a hair crayon made by Roux “also works pretty good for concealing outgrowth.”

Another idea is to comb the hair differently to camouflage the uncolored roots.

“When hair is worn straight, which is popular now, the part is more prominent. That’s where the outgrowth is. So curl and fluff your hair more so the part doesn’t show as much,” Congdon said.

Congdon, 78, has been in the hairstyling business for more than a half-century, and she’s never had to close her salons like this.

“I’ve never seen this in my life,” she said. “I just learned that my grandfather died in 1918 of the Spanish flu.

“We have to stay away from one another right now,” Congdon added. “We want to be safe, and we want to be back on the job working for our clients and for America.”

For those interested in learning more about The Robin’s Nest hair salons, or making an appointment for curbside pickup in Fort Atkinson, visit the Facebook page:

Meanwhile in Milton, Kelly Whitney, owner of Salon 1897, 230 Merchant Row, also offers tips to cover outgrowth, fight fading and continue looking fabulous.

Options range from hats to hair care, she said.

A Redken certified hair colorist, Whitney carries Redken products in the salon and continues to make them available through scheduled curbside pickup. Appointments can be make through her Facebook page, she said, which also offers gift certificates and videos giving helpful tips and advice.

For those looking to cover outgrowth, she said, tools include mascara and eye shadow. Both can be applied to hairlines and parts for an immediate, temporary fix. When using eye shadow, choose a color that matches your hair with a mat finish.

Mascara and eye shadow will require daily application, she said.

Outgrowth can also be hidden using a “zigzag part,” according to Whitney.

The process is done using a comb with a fine parting end. Moving along the part line from front to back, make the zigzag pattern by pulling small sections of hair across the part in opposite directions. This will also give the hair more volume, Whitney said.

A Facebook video soon will be posted featuring the process, she said.

Sometimes, less is more, Whitney said, adding that she hopes her clients will wait until the salon reopens before making any big hairstyling decisions.

“Take advantage of not having to do your hair,” she advised.

In the interim, fun hats and bandanas quickly can create a chic new look, she added.

To slow the fading process, allow longer periods, perhaps two or three days, between hair washings, she said.

Outgrowth is new hair that has not yet been colored. Fading can occur along the lengths of hair that has been dyed, she said.

“Ends lose color because hair strands are so porous. Less shampooing will help keep the color vibrant,” she added.

Redken products, including Color Extend and Color Extend Magnetics, which also is sulfate free, are formulated to helps maintain color by keeping it from fading.

Healthy hair requires a balance between proteins, lipids and moisture. The Extend line helps build protein, with certain products within the line also focused on lipids for hair softness, Whitney said.

She recommends alternating shampoo and conditioning products to gain the full spectrum of benefits.

When shampooing, use lukewarm water and focus on cleaning the scalp. The process should last between two and five minutes. Conditioners are meant to nourish the ends of hair, she said. She recommends starting the process mid-shaft, working conditioners down through the ends.

“You can work the conditioner through the strands with a comb or pick. Leave conditioner in for about 3 to 5 minutes,” she said, adding, “now is a great time for clients to deep-condition their hair.”

Deep Conditioning Masks are included within all the Redken lines. After shampooing, the mask should be put in the hair and left for 15 to 20 minutes.

“It will nourish your hair and provide the extra oomph of conditioning. It will build softness and shine,” she said.

For eyebrows, she suggests tweezing, which is best done after showering, or use a warm towel before tweezing to help open pours. Mascara can be used to add color to eyebrows.

If you choose to try a box dye purchased at the store, take time to carefully read and follow the instructions to achieve the desired result, Whitney said, adding that dye brands sold at stores and those used by salons are not always compatible.

Whitney recommends that clients consult their stylist about the dyes they use to help facilitate the best outcomes.

Whitney said that when making color choices, clients should remember that while lighter hair colors and dyes can be covered by darker dyes, dyes do not lift color, meaning those with darker hair will not be able to go lighter by using a lighter colored dye.

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