WATERTOWN — Laurie Stewart is no stranger to community service.

Three years ago, the Oconomowoc native and her husband, Keith, moved to their 150-year-old Town of Watertown farmhouse, where they reside with dogs, cats and chickens.

“For all of my adult life, I have volunteered in one capacity or another,” said Laurie Stewart, who has created a Facebook group designed to help people during the coronavirus (see story on page A1).

She has been a Big Sister, president of the Real Estate Club at Waukesha County Technical College and now serves as an ambassador to new members of the Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce.

She and her real estate partner at First Weber Lake Country in Delafield host a website called TheFacesofLakeCountry.com, where they highlight members of the community as a service project.

“However, the cause nearest to my heart is animal welfare,” Stewart said. “I have literally volunteered my blood, sweat and tears for 30 years to organizations like the Watertown Humane Society and Dodge County Humane Society as event support, office support and financial support, from scratch baker, dog walker and foster home for puppies, cats and kittens.

“This work has shown me there’s a human story behind every animal story and I’ve witnessed how multiple agencies (police, social services, humane society) touch people that are struggling,” she said.

For six years, she was the community relations manager at HAWS (the Humane Animal Welfare Society) in Waukesha, and started its original website from scratch.

In addition to real estate, Stewart works part time as a respiratory therapist at Fort Memorial Hospital.

“RTs have received much attention recently, as one of the job’s main components is the operation of ventilators,” she said. “I have found that people usually aren’t familiar with the work of RTs unless they’ve needed one.”

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