JEFFERSON — First held in 1970 on the Craig and Laura Beane farm west of Fort Atkinson, the Jefferson County Dairy Breakfast will continue this year, but later than expected due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Originally slated for May 16, the event has been postponed until Saturday, Aug. 22.

In the meantime, the breakfast is transitioning to new management, moving from a community committee to the leadership of Jefferson County Fair Park, where the event has been held for many years now.

“The tradition will remain the same,” said Michaela Slind, marketing specialist for the Jefferson County Fair Park, which has assumed the reins this year for the community committee. “We are excited to be able to continue this dairy promotion and to give back to the community in the form of scholarships and grants.”

Fair Park planners found the dairy-promotion event to be a good fit with the venue’s goal of promoting community and supporting the local agriculture industry.

“I think that this event does both of those things, much like the Jefferson County Fair does,” Slind said.

Fair Park staff will continue the same format the dairy breakfast has had for some time, offering a freshly prepared meal featuring scrambled eggs locally made sausage and Canadian bacon from Fort Atkinson’s Jones Dairy Farm, pancakes, cheese, dairy cakes, ice cream and more.

Slind said that the event has evolved over the years, moving from area farms to the Fair Park in 2003.

For the past several years, the event had been coordinated by a community committee, which was kicked off by the late Randy Schopen and his hard-working crew of volunteers.

As the organizers began to age and the group struggled to find the hundreds of volunteers it takes to keep the event going, they passed the torch to the Fair Park, working with fairgrounds staff for the past year to ensure a smooth transition.

All proceeds from the Jefferson County Dairy Breakfast return to the area communities in the form of scholarships and grants.

Applications for both remain open through May 1 and can be found on the Jefferson County Fair Park website at or by calling the Fair Park office at (920) 674-7149.

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