Evergreen Memorial Court

Evergreen Cemetery in Fort Atkinson received a generous bequest from the estate of Norm and Polly Godfrey. The Evergreen Cemetery Association Board of Trustees decided to use a portion of the bequest to construct a Memorial Court in the Soldiers Circle. Creative Landscapes Inc. of Cambridge is handling the construction. The major portion of the project should be completed in the next two weeks. Association President Brad Wilcox said the project includes a semi-circle decorative retaining wall measuring approximately 3 feet high and 50 feet in length on the east side of the Soldiers Circle. At the base of the wall will be a brick paver field approximately 7 feet wide and 50 feet long. The design will have the War Memorial Marker (dedicated in 1971) and the Soldiers Monument (dedicated in 1898) as the focal point. There will be stairs on each side of the War Memorial Marker to enhance the approach to the Soldiers Circle. In addition, there will be indirect lighting to enhance the Memorial Court Wall, stairways and the War Memorial Marker. In the evening, a light will highlight the United States flag that will be at the south end of the Memorial Court. Also, for the first time, there will be evening lighting to highlight the large Soldiers Monument constructed in 1898. A limited number of 12-square-inch pavers, that will be inserted in the brick paver field at the base of the wall, are still available for inscription with the name of a service member for people who want to honor a particular service member. The inscription may include rank, Branch of Service and dates of service. Application forms and details regarding the inscription program are available at the cemetery office. Anyone interested may contact Neal Traeder, cemetery sexton, at the cemetery office at (920) 563-5014.

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