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It's Friday, Jan. 31, 2020 and here's what you need to know to start your day in Jefferson County. 

1. A former Watertown woman was found guilty of homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle. 

Danielle Grooms, now of Waterford, was convicted after a jury deliberated for eight hours over two days. She was acquitted on charges of reckless driving and causing great bodily harm. 

The incident occurred Aug. 5, 2016, on County Highway NN in the Town of Eagle. The 23-year-old was passing another car while driving uphill in a no-passing zone. Her vehicle struck a motorcycle and killed its operator, Mark Galluzzo. A second motorcyclist fell, sliding from his bike, and was injured.

For more on Grooms' conviction, read here: 

2. UW-W officials are facing how to deal with an $11 million budget deficit over the next two years. 

In a Jan. 23 letter, Chancellor Dwight Watson announced preliminary plans to cut the university’s budget by $12 million over the next two years and lay off employees. But he stressed at a listening session held last week, that his letter was a “preamble” for a series of campus conversations about how to steer UW-Whitewater to a more sustainable position.

For more on how the university plans to handle the shortfalls, read here: 

3. Jefferson County Fair Park Supervisor Rogery Kylmanen received a statewide honor this month. 

Kylmanen won the "VIP Award" for Wisconsin's Area 4 at the Wisconsin Association of Fairs annual convention. 

The VIP award goes out to a non-fair board member/non-committee member for outstanding service and long-term impact.

The state is divided into four districts and nominations are submitted from each one. The Wisconsin Association of Fairs (WAF) State Board then votes on the recipients.

Kylmanen, who grew up in Jefferson, resided in Fort Atkinson for two decades and has since returned to Jefferson, started his career with the county in maintenance at the Jefferson County Human Services Department.

Then he moved to the Parks Department, and in 1999, he took over responsibilities as Jefferson County Fair Park supervisor.

For more on Kylmanen, and the award, read here: 

In Sports,

Roger Rumppe, about to be inducted into the Blackhawk Wall of Fame at Fort Atkinson High School, was the swim coach for 25 years. He guided over 65 swimmers to state, four individuals to state championships and a pair of relay teams to state titles.

“Obviously those are the highlights of my career,” Rumppe said. “Those awards are more for those boys. Of course, I’m immensely proud of them for the work they put in to achieve those goals. But, I’m just as proud as the boy who came in and was afraid to put his head underwater and his last meet he drops three or four seconds.”

For more on Rumppe and his induction, read here: 

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Photo of the Day: Remnants of Rubble

Remnants of rubble

A closer look at some of the debris removed recently from the Rock River in Indianford. DOT and DNR officials said, in total, about 7 cubic yards or half a dump truck load of concrete construction material was removed from underneath the County Trunk M/F bridge.

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