Alley Vacate

The area in black in the center is the portion of alley Fort Atkinson will be vacating.

The Fort Atkinson City Council on Tuesday approved the first step of a process to vacate a portion of the alley between Roosevelt and Cloute streets.

The first step involves the council approving and adopting a resolution to vacate. This will be followed by a public hearing and then the council must approve an order to vacate the city-owned property.

This is the start of a project the city will be undertaking to determine the future of the city’s alley system.

“This is the first of a number of alleys,” city engineer Andy Selle said. “We need to establish those (alleys) that are useful to us and our residents and those that aren’t useful.”

The residents of the area requested that the alley be closed to traffic to prevent people from cutting through the area. A certain section of the alley will remain open to allow tenants in the area to reach their driveways, but the connection will be closed off, Selle said.

“It appears we’ve achieved a win for everyone in this situation,” Selle stated.

The city will benefit, according to Selle, because it won’t have to spend the time, effort and money maintaining the gravel. The portion of alley that will remain open is planned to be paved, Selle said.

Any alleys the city continues to operate in the future eventually will be paved, Selle said.

“We want alleys paved,” Selle indicated. “But if we’re going to pave them the property owners have to share the cost. It’s a bit of a sticky wicket.”

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