JEFFERSON — A 32-year-old Fort Atkinson man appeared in Jefferson County Circuit Court Thursday for an initial appearance on a drug-delivery charge.

The drug charge was added in September on top of other incidents in Walworth and Jefferson counties.

Demario T. Wilson was charged in February with one count of attempting to flee an officer and one count of operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license. In May, he was charged in Walworth County for giving a false identification to an officer, to which he already has pleaded guilty.

The incident that caused the drug charge to be added occurred while Wilson was out on bond in the other two cases, according to the criminal complaint.

If convicted of all the charges, Wilson faces a combined maximum sentence of 26 years and six months’ imprisonment and a fine of $57,500.

In court Thursday, Judge Bennett Brantmeier set a $1,000 signature bond on the new charges. Bond conditions include Wilson not having contact with three witnesses, no consumption or possession of alcohol and no possession or consumption of controlled substances.

At about 4:21 p.m. on Jan. 15, Wilson was driving a red Dodge Caravan on Highland Avenue in Fort Atkinson when he cut off a Fort Atkinson police officer’s squad car at the intersection with Janesville Avenue, according to the criminal complaint. Wilson pulled over, but sped off as the officer approached. The officer got back into his squad car and gave chase, reaching speeds as high as 80 mph, according to the complaint.

The officer later confirmed that Wilson was driving the vehicle, which he doesn’t own, according to the complaint.

While out on bond for fleeing the officer, Wilson was with a friend and others at a Fort Atkinson apartment, according to the complaint. Wilson’s friend then asked another woman if they could drop Wilson off at another Fort Atkinson home.

While the other woman was driving Wilson to the other home, he kept asking her if she wanted some “hard,” the complaint states.

She declined, according to the complaint, but when Wilson got out of the vehicle, he left a baggie in the center console and told her to smoke it with his friend.

The woman called her son, who told her to throw the substance out the window, according to the complaint.

The woman later reported this to the Fort Atkinson Police Department, which sent an officer to the location to pick up the discarded baggie. A field test confirmed the substance was crack cocaine weighing .106 grams, the complaint states.

Officers confirmed that Wilson was the person in the car and confirmed he’d been out on bond when this incident occurred, according to the complaint.

Wilson is scheduled to appear in court for a combined preliminary appearance and status conference Dec. 5 at 1:45 p.m.

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