JEFFERSON — A 35-year-old Fort Atkinson woman accused of driving the vehicle while another person beat and robbed a passenger appeared in Jefferson County Circuit Court Thursday.

Amy M. Koos is charged with one count of misdemeanor battery as a party to a crime and one count of robbery with use of force as a party to a crime.

If convicted on both counts, Koos — also known as Amy Kienbaum — faces a combined maximum sentence of 15 years, nine months’ imprisonment and a $60,000 fine.

On Thursday, Koos appeared for a preliminary hearing and pleaded not guilty to both counts. Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Bennett Brantmeier found probable cause that Koos committed a crime and bound her over for trial.

Koos has a co-defendant, Amanda E. Meinen, who has been charged with the same crimes.

On May 13, a woman came to the Fort Atkinson Police Department to report that she’d been beaten and robbed.

The woman told Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy Daniel Heinrich that she’d met with her friend, Amy Kienbaum, at an apartment building to exchange clothing, according to the criminal complaint.

The pair then got into a silver Mazda two-door vehicle to pick up some different clothes. Koos was driving the vehicle out of Fort Atkinson on State Highway 106 when Meinen popped out from under a blanket in the back seat and reportedly started pulling the woman’s hair and repeatedly punching her in the face and head.

After the attack started, Koos pulled the vehicle over, according to the complaint. The woman and Meinen got out of the car, where Meinen continued to pull the woman’s hair and strike her in the face, the complaint states.

The woman said Meinen took her purse, phone and shoes before getting back in the car and driving away, according to the complaint. A passerby picked up the woman and drove her to the police station.

The woman showed Heinrich her upper and lower lips, which were puffy and bruised and said she had bumps on her head. She said she’d been scared because she knew Meinen carried a .38-caliber handgun, the complaint states.

The man who drove the woman to the police station later returned to the department with her purse. The only items remaining in the purse were the woman’s phone charger and some makeup items, according to the complaint.

Two days later, on May 15, detectives interviewed Koos at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Koos told investigators that she’d never touched the woman nor had she taken any of her property. She said Meinen had been the perpetrator, according to the complaint.

Koos told police Meinen wanted to talk to the woman so Koos said she’d pick her up, according to the complaint. Koos said she asked Meinen why she was hiding under a blanket, but Meinen said it was just because the woman wouldn’t talk to her.

After picking up the woman, they started talking and the next thing Koos knew, Meinen had popped out and grabbed the woman, according to the complaint. Koos said she pulled over so the woman could get out.

Koos also told detectives she didn’t think Meinen was going to hurt the woman.

But, Koos also told investigators she knew the incident started over a pair of sunglasses and some shoes, according to the complaint.

When detectives told Koos that she had to have known Meinen was going to get physical after jumping out from under the blanket, Koos responded with “yes sir,” according to the complaint.

After Koos’ interview with police, she was placed under arrest.

Koos is scheduled to appear in court Nov. 14 at 3 p.m. for a status conference.

This story has been corrected to show the correct law enforcement agency. It previously stated Daniel Heinrich works for the Fort Atkinson Police Department, not the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. 

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