The Fort Atkinson Police Department has been authorized to order two new squad cars through Ewald Ford.

The city council voted recently to take that action. Council members also authorized the police department to order the additional equipment necessary to complete the squad transition process within the $88,000 allotted in the 2022 budget, with the caveat that no equipment purchase or acquisition will occur until after Jan. 3, 2022.

Adrian Bump, chief of police, said the police department is set to replace two police vehicles next year.

“Funds were proposed in the 2022 budget under the Capital Improvements Projects budget in the amount of $88,000,” Bump said in backgrounding council members. “The police department requested bids for the 2022 Ford Interceptor SUV. Staff received proposals from Ewald Ford and Griffin Ford.”

He said there will be an estimated six- to eight-month delivery delay from the time of ordering, which is why staff was proposing to order the vehicles now.

“The actual purchase and payment for these vehicles is not required until delivery,” Bump noted. “Delivery is guaranteed not to occur until 2022.”

Looking at the numbers, he said Ewald was the bid winner for the Wisconsin State contract for 2022 Ford squad cars.

“Their price was the lowest bid from all submitting dealers in the state,” Bump said. “The 2022 quote for the Ford SUV was $34,655; for two squads the total purchase price would be $69,310.”

Local dealer Griffin Ford, he said, also provided a competitive quote for the same Ford Interceptor squad with a 2022 quote for the Ford SUV at $36,942; for two squads the total purchase price would be $73,884.

“The remaining funds from the Capital Improvements Projects for these vehicles will be used to outfit them with squad specific equipment, change over fees, and police graphic applications,” Bump indicated. “Staff is proposing that these purchases, which in addition to the vehicles will not exceed the total $88,000 budgeted, be authorized in order to move forward when the vehicles arrive, expected in April.”

Although city staff believes purchasing local is beneficial for several reasons, he said the difference in proposals in 2022 is significant enough to merit the use of the state contract to make this purchase from Ewald Ford.

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