A home burglary led to a police chase along Madison Avenue early Monday, with the suspect’s vehicle crashing into a median and its passengers chased on foot, authorities said Tuesday.

Fort Atkinson Police Chief Adrian Bump said the burglary happened at 2 a.m. Monday and the owner was home at the time. The address of the home was not available.

“One of the homeowners woke up and found someone in their home and they fled the house and they called 911,” he said.

As the first squad car arrived, Bump said, the officer saw a car with no headlights on traveling from the scene. The officer then initiated a stop, but the vehicle sped away, traveling through Fort Atkinson west along Madison Avenue. The vehicle then hit a median and a traffic light before coming to a stop.

Four of the passengers in the car got out and ran, while the driver stayed with the vehicle. That person was taken into custody.

A foot pursuit began for the other four suspects, and three of them were caught quickly.

“The fifth one was located at the Holiday Inn,” Bump said.

Three of the suspects were adults and two were juveniles, and all were from Madison, the chief said. The names of the suspects have not been released yet pending investigation.

The vehicle they were driving was stolen.

The Fourth of July weekend was a wild one in cities across the United States with crime and shootings.

The burglary in Fort Atkinson was part of a few incidents in which people reported their vehicles and garages having been broken into.

“Last year, we had a string of these home invasions,” Bump said. “(People) were leaving vehicles unlocked and (people were) stealing valuables.”

Bump said the police also had another home break-in along West Sherman Avenue last week. It is not known whether the two incidents were related.

The Fort Atkinson Police Department reminded residents through Facebook to keep their doors and vehicles locked, and to not leave valuables in the vehicles. Also they should remove the garage door opener from the vehicle, as well as consider leaving exterior lights on and installing motion-sensor lights.

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