The Fort Atkinson City Council on Tuesday approved purchasing six automated external defibrillator units for the Fort Atkinson Police Department.

The LifePak 1000 AED units will be purchased from Stryker Medical for a total cost of $12,510 to be funded through the city’s 2022 levy-supported Capital Improvements Projects (CIP) budget.

According to Chief of Police Adrian Bump, the police department has budgeted for replacement of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in the 2022 CIP budget.

“The current models are seven years old and no longer match the platforms used by the ambulance service or Fort Atkinson Fire Department Rescue Service,” Bump informed. “An upgrade will result in emergency rescue efficiencies during situations where officers arrive on scene first to deliver life-saving measures.

“Secondary arrival of emergency services will be in a position where AED pads already deployed to the victim are compliant and easily unplugged from our AED and then plugged into the units deployed by ambulance and rescue units,” he added.

LifePak was chosen for the new AED platform, he said, because it specifically matches the units already deployed and used by the ambulance service, Fort Atkinson Police Department Rescue Unit and School District of Fort Atkinson. The pricing provided, he said, is discounted under the Wisconsin State contract.

“Our agency is set to take eight units off line and replace them with six units, which includes a unit for each marked patrol car (five) and one for the building or to be used as a spare unit,” Bump said. “The total purchase price for the six new units that match the platform used by the fire department and the ambulance service is $12,510 or $2,085 per unit. The expected useful life of these units is seven to 10 years.”

Deploying AEDs that are compatible with current ambulance and rescue platforms, the police chief said, allows the replacement of single use AED pads to be applied to the patient bill and also allows for pads to be immediately replaced in the AED unit prior to leaving the call.

Originally in the 2022 CIP, staff recommended purchasing nine units for $12,600.

“However, that cost estimate was based on replacement of the current model and brand of AED, which is not compatible with current ambulance and rescue platforms,” Bump said. “The compatible LifePak units are more expensive but have a longer useful life.”

The budgeted amount of $12,600, he said, allows the purchase of six units, which is enough to serve the department’s purposes.

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