The City of Fort Atkinson will be implementing new phone numbers, a new .gov domain name and is changing over to fiber internet connection starting on July 1, 2022.

The city will be switching to new VOIP phones, which are internet-based and allow for more accessibility for the public.

The new phones will not accept the transfer of the current phone numbers, resulting in the phone number for every department located within the City of Fort Atkinson, including the Hoard Historical Museum and the Dwight Foster Public Library, having to change.

Using a .gov domain, reserved solely for U.S.-based government organizations and publicly controlled entities, increases security by enforcing multi-factor authentication, using preload, which requires browsers only to use a secure HTTPS connection with the city’s website and adds a security contract for the city’s domain, making it easier for the public to alert the city of a potential security issue with online services.

Access to the new website address,, will be seamless for residents. The new email addresses for staff and elected officials will end with the domain name. The fiber internet connection will be faster and more efficient.

“These are all great projects that will make access to the internet and our network more efficient; our network more secure and staff more accessible to the public,” said City Manager Rebecca Houseman LeMire. “Residents will still be able to access services through the old phone numbers, website and email for a period of time before those links are gone. We encourage residents to save the new information we will be providing.”

City officials will provide additional information about the new phone numbers and email addresses in June to adequately prepare the public for the changeover on July 1.

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