The Vaughn family

Members of the Vaughn family are, from left, son Corbin; mother Christina, holding baby Rowan, who is the first baby born at Fort Memorial Hospital in 2021; and father, Micah. The family lives in Whitewater.

Christina Vaughn gave birth to the first baby born in the New Year at Fort Memorial Hospital in Fort Atkinson.

The Whitewater resident said her son, Rowan, was born Saturday, Jan. 2, at 4:16 a.m. He weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces, and measured just over 19 inches long.

Rowan was welcomed into the world by his 11-year-old brother, Corbin, and the children’s father, Micah.

Giving birth to Rowan, Christina said, “was a very slow process. He was not a fan of coming out into the world.”

Her due date to give birth to Rowan was Dec. 28, and when he didn’t arrive, doctors decided to aid the process through labor induction. On Dec. 31, at 7 a.m., Christina said she and her former husband, Micah, arrived at the hospital.

Christina said she currently is unmarried, but that she and Micah were married for almost seven years and divorced about five years ago. Two years ago, she said, they decided to start dating, and he has been her boyfriend ever since.

The couple plans to remarry in the near future, both Christina and Micah expressed.

Micah moved back in with his family last January.

When they divorced, Christina said, “at the time, he had a job in oil refinery and he was gone for 10 to 11 months out of a year. It’s pretty hard to have a relationship that way. Now he has a different job in Milton and it’s been pretty wonderful ever since.”

Micah agreed the time away from his family was difficult. He worked in construction, building oil and gas refineries, and pipelines, which took him away from home for as many as nine to 11 months out of a year.

Three years ago, he said, he found a new job, working for Charter Next Generation Films; the company recently changed its name from Charter NEX.

“I’m a maintenance technician,” Micah noted, saying of his employer: “They are an awesome company. This job makes it possible for us to be a family again.”

Christina said the couple had not planned to enlarge the size of the family. In fact, she said, “I was told by multiple doctors that I could not get pregnant again, so Rowan was a surprise, and a good one.”

Since Rowan’s arrival, she said, Corbin has been a “phenomenal” big brother. “And very helpful.”

Corbin admitted he liked being a single child, noting that when it came to parental attention, “I would get everything.”

But, he said, he also saw benefits to having a sibling. A member of the Whitewater Youth Football League, Corbin said he looked forward to one day teaching Rowan how to play football.

Having a brother was more exciting than he expected, he said, because he would get to watch him grow up, and “he’s cute.”

With changes to family life brought about last year through new obligations like virtual schooling and COVID-19, Christina said, “It’s nice to have something so sweet to come into our lives in the new year, especially after 2020. 2020 has been so hard. It was nice to have something brighten up our lives.”

She said she has lived in Whitewater since she was 10, and Micah said he has lived in Whitewater his whole life. The pair met in high school, but did not become a couple until they both were in their 20s.

Even after the divorce, both Christina and Micah said they remained in each other’s lives while they mutually raised Corbin. Plans to remarry have not yet been solidified because 2020, the couple said, had been “busy.”

“We didn’t have a fancy wedding the first time, and I don’t think we will this time,” Christina said.

Both she and Micah thought they would tie the knot again within the year.

For now, the couple said, they are enjoying the happiness the new year has brought them, and are looking forward to getting out and using the $50 gift certificate they received at the hospital from the Fort Atkinson Area Chamber of Commerce.

They also received some flowers, they said, and while they expressed gratitude for the gifts they received, they were glowing with happiness as they sat together as a now-reunited family of four on their living room couch.

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