JOHNSON CREEK — After going on sale Friday morning, tickets to the still-controversial comedienne Roseanne Barr’s performance April 17 at The Gobbler Theater are moving quickly.

“The comedy superstar, award-winning actress, best-selling author, 2012 presidential candidate and the original domestic goddess, Roseanne Barr, continues to amaze,” The Gobbler Theater’s website stated.

Barr began her career as a stand-up comedian, turning her experiences as a wife and mother into a comedy act. She subsequently produced and starred on her own sitcom, “Roseanne,” which averaged 30 million viewers each week. The role earned Barr Emmy, Golden Globe, Peabody and Kids’ Choice awards. She also garnered multiple American Comedy Awards.

In recent years, the Salt Lake City native has guest-starred on a variety of shows, including “The Office,” “Portlandia,” “Cristela” and “The Millers.” Barr also had her own talk show, “The Roseanne Show,” which earned her a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Talk Show Host.

In late May of 2018, however, Barr lost her job as the star of “Roseanne” after she responded to a thread on Twitter about Valerie Jarrett, a senior advisor to President Barack Obama. Barr’s tweet was widely criticized as racist and, despite an apology from the actress, ABC canceled “Roseanne” and removed the show’s content from its network website. The show, without Barr, however, was revived as a spin-off called “The Connors.”

“A titan in the world of stand-up comedy, Barr is returning to her love of live performance,” The Gobbler Theater’s website states, with it’s owner Daniel Manesis adding the venue is excited about its first-ever comedy booking.

Manesis said The Gobbler Theater has made new country music its focus since its inception in 2015 and this foray into comedy is experimental. Manesis said the booking was made after Barr’s people approached those who work in Nashville with The Gobbler on the acts it presents.

“We are in contact with all kinds of agencies in Nashville,” Manesis said Monday, adding tickets are already more than 50 percent sold for Barr’s performance. Manesis acknowledged the controversial nature of Barr’s career and comedy act. He said, however, The Gobbler is not daunted.

“We will let the (public) decide whether they want to come to the performance or not,” Manesis said. “By now, everyone knows her act and we will just let them decide ... (Barr) was on ‘The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson’ years ago, when she was not much more than a teenager, and past bookers have said they were happy with her, so now we will present her.”

Tickets for Barr’s show are $59-$69 each and are available on The Gobbler Theater’s website. The box office is available for phone orders from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at (414) 327-5050.

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