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Steve Benson takes a look at the winner of the two-dimensional professional award in the Mary C. Hoard Art Show, a piece called “A Mother’s Love” by Scott Rados. The second part of the art show opened with a reception Sunday at Hoard Historical Museum.

The Hoard Historical Museum opened its doors to a large crowd Sunday afternoon, as part two of the Mary C. Hoard Art Show kicked off with its opening reception.

More than 245 entries are exhibited in the 58th annual show at the Fort Atkinson museum. Museum director Merrilee Lee said that the museum is proud to continue to support the arts community in the area.

“This show has been held annually since 1961, thanks, in large part, to the vision of the museum’s benefactor, Mary Cunningham Hoard,” Lee said. “There are several of her pieces hanging in the Jones Gallery and we have a display on her history located in the gallery.”

The second part of the show featured work by high school students and adults in the professional and non-professional categories. In addition to the numerous high school artists in attendance, Fort Atkinson High School art teachers Angie Hamele Szabo, an award winner in the show in her own right, and Frank Korb were in attendance.

This year, entries came from artists in Fort Atkinson, Cambridge, Johnson Creek, Ixonia, Palmyra, Rome, Sullivan, Waterloo, Watertown and Whitewater.

That, Lee said, is “making this not only a community art show, but a county art show. The over 245 entries in this show exemplify that art is something that can be created and enjoyed at any age.”

The judges for the contest were Mark Dziewior, an artist from Fort Atkinson who also teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Rock County, and Margaret Forystek, a retired K-12 art teacher from Milton.

Nasco Arts and Crafts co-sponsored the show, and numerous artists from the community helped hang the art. Museum volunteers helped with this and part one of the show, which featured children’s artwork, by hanging ribbons, providing baked goods and helping with Sunday’s reception.

Among the winners was Szabo, who along with her husband, Brian, placed in the adult three-dimensional art division. She crafted a jewelry set based off the calla lily, complete with necklace, bracelet and earrings. The set, which was crafted from sterling silver, brass, bronze copper and amber, was priced for sale at $1,225.

She took first, while a crafted necklace made by her husband earned an honorable mention. The 3-D category was the most diverse, with entries ranging from jewelry and concrete birds to clothing and a wooden urn.

The high school entries featured a number of different styles as well, with Marta Huss-Lederman winning first in the digital category for her photograph of a glacier in Canada, where she vacationed last summer. The photo was changed from color to black and white, with the darks darkened and the lights lightened through Photoshop.

Overall, the winners were:

High School

Two-Dimensional: Rhianna Leatherberry, “A Spirit’s Wish,” first place; Randalyn Findlay, “Personal Narrative,” and Maya Kish, “Reflection,” tied for second; Melody Lueck, “Girls Night,” and Charlie Dittbenner, “Airhead,” tied for third; and Jenny Flores, “Immaculate Heart,” honorable mention.

Digital artwork: Marta Huss-Lederman, “Glacial Serenity,” first; Max Allard, “Light,” second; Aaliyah Yang, “Corporate ID,” third; and Alyssa Samson, “Needles,” honorable mention.

Three-Dimensional: Riley Koehler, “Imperial Tea Set,” and Martina Walling, “Blossomed,” tied for first; Natasha Carothers, “Spring,” and Jessica Sharp, “Bleeding Hearts,” tied for second; Lara Gutheridge, “Under the Sea,” third; Kyle Pierce, “Extraterrestrial,” and Sophie Chapman, “Leaf Vessel,” both honorable mention.

Adult Awards

Local Significance, Non-Professional: Alison Meschke, first; Mary Tilton, second; Varla Bishop, third; and Jan Runge, Linda Hertig and Marcus Tauch, all honorable mention.

Local Significance, Professional: Amelia Nowak, first; Bethann Moran-Handzlik, second; Peter O’Hearn, third; and Tess Seichter, honorable mention.

Two-Dimensional, Non-Professional: Jill Jensen, first; J. Loren Gray, second; Alison Meschke, third; and Mary Bughman, Fran Kelly and Liz Bowie, all honorable mention.

Two-Dimensional, Professional: Scott Rados, first; Kent Parks, second; Jennifer Morris, third; and Carolyn Nord, Jan Gilkey and Jan Holewinski, all honorable mention.

Three-Dimensional, Non-Professional: John Lupiezowiec, first; Tom Brown, second; Sarah J. Weh, third; and Ed Morris, Jeannette Schroeder and Rick Santovec, all honorable mention.

Three-Dimensional, Professional: Angie Hamele Szabo, first; Amy M. Weh, second; Karen Gomez, third; and Brian Szabo, Bob Swann and Ryan Ebert, all honorable mention.

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