JEFFERSON — Ambulances and police responded to Jefferson Middle School Wednesday just as vehicles were lining up to pick students up at the end of the school day.

Mike Matteson, Jefferson Middle School principal, said that there was no student involvement and no threat to the public.

He said an adult waiting in a vehicle in front of the school was experiencing a medical emergency.

“A Good Samaritan noticed her state, checked on her, and called 911 from the parking lot,” Matteson said, adding that the witness also notified the middle school office to make sure school officials knew what was happening.

“By the time police and paramedics arrived, the adult was responsive to the police officers and paramedics,” he said.

“We appreciate the adult who noticed something was wrong and dialed 911, as well as the Jefferson police and the Jefferson EMS for their fast response time and professionalism,” the principal said.

The school communicated the cause for the emergency response to all middle school families on Wednesday evening to ease any lingering concerns families might have had, understanding that the appearance of the emergency vehicles could have raised alarms among students or family members who weren’t aware just what was going on.

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