JEFFERSON — Jefferson Middle School honored its top students from the 2018-19 school year in numerous categories Wednesday, from top scholars to those with perfect attendance, from citizenship honorees to high achievers in individual subjects.

The annual awards assembly took place Wednesday afternoon at the Jefferson High School auditorium.

The program kicked off with the attendance awards. Achieving perfect attendance (missing zero class periods) were: Citlali Basilio, Brawnson Bredlow (two consecutive years), Melissa Bruhn, Ian Cassidy, Monserrath Cortes Genis, Gracie Fox, Lilly Harmon (two consecutive years), Iris Harstford, Caitlyn Hodgins, Alexa Medina, Elizabeth Miller, Abigail Moreno, Eulises Moreno, Elena Myers, Alexander Osorio Ramirez, Jerrette Ramirez, Caleb Schultz, Cayden Smith, Chloe Smith, Morgan Sowles, Payton Splittgerber, Felix Watson, Colleen Wilson (two consecutive years), and Aspen Wolter.

Achieving exemplary attendance (which honors students who missed 17 class periods or less), were Alejandra Aspeitia (three consecutive years), Alexis Bronstad, Matthew Buchholz, Nathaniel Davis, Hunter Dearborn, Brennan Dempsey, Michael Dempsey, Isaac Dominguez, Martha Esteban Lopez, Cody Flatt, Jaden Gallenberg-Staffeil, David Ganser, Samantha Ganser (two consecutive years), Jordan Gehl, Osiris Guerson, William Hodgins, Aaron Johnson (three consecutive years), Marcos Jose, Amelia Kamenick, Reagan Kopelke, Cristofer Loyo, Chase Meixner, Logan Merz, Jayden Morgan, Jesalyn Muehlenbruch, Wyatt Musgrove, Casy Negron (three consective years), Alivia Nelson, Daytona Newton, Gracie Niebler, Ashley Osorio-Ramirez, Alexandria Ostopowicz, Wyatt Peterson, Paden Phillips, Gavin Porter, Rilynne Preston, Jocelyn Ramirez, Emma Riedl (two consecutive years), Andri Varela Rogel (two consecutive years), Gabrielle Sailer, Rosalia Sanchez, Carissa Schaub, Cale Schmidt, Palmer Schwieso, Rachel Simonson (two consecutive years), Colton Stanley, Latrelle Steele, Samantha Steinke (two consecutive years), Trevor Tessman, Timothy Vang, Brady Vogel, Rachel Weber, Makaylla Wiedenfeld, and Kyler Yuhas (two consecutive years.)

Seventh- and eighth-grade Student Achiever Awards for Academic Achievement went to students with top academic marks.

The seventh-grade awards went to Anna Dehnert, John Kraus, Colton Krause, Drew Peterson, Payton Schmidt, Rachel Simonson, Andi Spies, and Alison Werning.

The eighth-grade awards were presented to Matthew Buchholz, Dylan Dettmann, Jordan Gehl, Caitlyn Hodgins, Alex Janikowski, Joselyn Ramirez, Emma Riedl, and Samantha Steinke.

Academic Effort Awards were given to those dedicating outstanding effort toward their academics even in the face of challenges.

Seventh-grade Academic Effort honorees included Samantha Ganser, Libby Krause, Claudia Maze, Anly Saavedra, Sofia Stigler, Patrick Traver and Makaylla Wiedenfeld.

Eighth-grade honorees included the following: Melissa Bruhn, Sara Cabrera Torres, Lilly Duddeck, Abigail Moreno, Ashley Olmos Garcia, Jenette Ramirez, Emma Roehl and Rachel Weber.

Winning Battle of the Books teams included:

In first place was the team of Lilly Duddeck, Maddie Griffith, Annalisa Hagenbart, Caitlyn Hodgins and Kylie Patterson.

In second place was the team of Hildie Dempsey, Ashlyn Enke, Ava Geyer, Addison McMahon and Chloe Smith.

In third place was the team of Brandon Chesmore, Tyler Jablonski, John Krause, and Wyatt Peterson.

Erich Utrie, social studies teacher and adviser to the Investors Club, gave kudos to the tremendous participation and effort the club saw this year. Participants could enter two competitions, one in the fall and one in the spring.

The top local team was made up of sixth-graders Kateri Kawleski, Anthony Schunk, and Kayla Kehoe. The trio ranked near the top of the state competition.

Winning the cumulative three-year award for participation, consistent high rankings and enthusiasm were Maddie Griffith, Anna Hagenbart, Kylie Patterson and Rebecca Slaybaugh.

Patriot’s Pen patriotic essay awards, presented by the local Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary, went to Caitlyn Hodgins in first, Alexander Janikowski in second and Samantha Steinke in third.

Gracie Fox won honors as the top typist in the sixth grade.

The Vocal Music Department honored vocal and piano students who participated in Solo and Ensemble: Dakota Alvarado, Kiara Cherry, Olivia Dehnert, Jordan Fleege, Summer Huebel, Kateri Kawleski (piano), Payton Schmidt, Sofia Stigler, Ashlyn Wadsworth, Ali Werning, Makaylla Wiedenfeld (piano), Julie Arellano, Stephanie Cervantes, Lilly Duddeck, Allison Fisher, Lilly Kamenick, Ciera Kiupelis, Alexa Medina, Gracie Niebler (piano), Ashley Olmos-Garcia, Kylie Patterson, Kaitey “Harley” Peterson, Emma Roehl, Ashley Tews and Colleen Wilson.

Vocal director Lindy Perkins presented Choir Director’s Awards to students who demonstrated an exceptional level of musical skills, a strong commitment to choir, a willingness to support others in the program, and the ability to maintain a high academic standard while earning the respect and admiration of their peers.

The awards went to sixth-graders Cale Schmidt and Maggie Jo Mindemann, seventh-graders Dakota Alvarado and Ali Werning, and eighth-graders Matthew Buchholz and Ciera Kiupelis.

The Drama Directors’ Award, similarly, went to a single student who demonstrated the same level of skill, commitment and leadership in drama: Emma Roehl.

Band members who played their instruments in Solo and Ensemble music festival included Ashlyn Wadsworth, Joey Pupanek, Jordan Fleege, Makaylla Wiedenfeld, Natalie Eilenfeldt, Patrick Traver, Sofia Stigler, Summer Huebel, Zach Schweitzer, Abby Moreno, Alex Ostopowicz, Allison Fisher, Ashley Tews, Caitlyn Hodgins, Colleen Wilson, Emma Riedl, Emma Roehl, Gracie Niebler, Jerrette Ramirez, Jocelyn Ramirez, Jordan Gehl, Julie Arellano, Lillian Kamenick, Maddie Griffith, Martha Lopez, Mary Ross, Matthew Buchholz, Samantha Steinke, Stephanie Cervantez and Trevor Yerges.

The instrumental music instructors presented the Band Directors’ Award for leadership and achievement in band. This went to Anthony Schunk for the sixth grade, Makaylla Wiedenfeld in seventh grade and Caitlyn Hodgins in eighth grade.

Math 24 awards went to top scorers in this extracurricular competition.

Recognized for the seventh grade were Patrick Traver, Aiden Turner, Payton Heard, Brady Vogel, Tyler Schroedl, and Victor Palacios Velasquez. Alternates included Rilynne Preston and Jayce Jennings.

Recognized for the sixth grade were Brennan Dempsey, Hilden Dempsey, Chase Wangsness, Aiden DeBlare, Quinn Rundle and Benjamin Kalmon.

Academic Bowl winners who participated in this multi-district competition included the following:

Receiving first places in their subject were Colleen Wilson, Riley Schroedl, and Ali Werning.

Receiving second places in their subject were Dylan Dettmann and Brennan Dempsey.

Receiving third places in their subject were Sofia Stigler and Payton Schmidt.

The sixth-graders competed in the area of exponents and integers, while the seventh-graders competed using their knowledge of fractions and decimals.

Recognized for being published in the local Rock River Anthology with their art or writing were Brooklin NeCollins, Ava Skoug, Iris Harstford, Hildie Dempsey, Chloe Smith, Mila Frank, Campbell Krause, Aspen Wolter and Jordan Gehl.

In addition, a trio of students published in the Rock River Anthology also were recognized for being selected for publication in the Southern Lakes Advanced Learners Consortium’s Southern Lakes Anthology, a regional publication spanning school districts across several counties.

These were Logan Merz and Colleen Wilson in art and Kaitey “Harley” Peterson in poetry.

Recognized as Citizens of the Month from throughout the year were Annalisa Hagenbart (October), Kylie Patterson (Nocember), John Kraus (December), Piper Crabtree (January,) Jake Rose (February), Alex Vasquez Lopez (March), Kateri Kawleski (April) and Rachel Simonson (May).

The sixth-grade Good Character Award, given to students demonstrating the highest levels of consistent good character and citizenship throughout the year, went to Kateri Kawleski, Eulises Moreno, Amelia Kamenick, Piper Crabtree, Brooklyn Chipman, Finnegan DeBlare, Sam Steies, Chase Meixner, Madalyn Welter and Aiden DeBlare.

Seventh-grade academic awards went to the following: Language Arts Awards went out to Rilynne Peterson, Libby Krause, Payton Schmidt and Patrick Traver from Michelle VanMatre’s classes and to Tray Simpson, Ali Werning, Jordan Fleege and Alexis Bronstad from Kelly Traver’s classes.

Honored in social studies were seventh-graders Sofia Stigler, Samantha Ganser, Colton Krause and Marek Engle.

Honored in science were seventh-graders Riley Schroedl, Anna Dehnert, Rachel Simonson and Andi Spies.

Honored in math were seventh-graders Annly Saavedra, Makaylla Wiedenfeld, Rylan Leauxay and John Kraus.

The eighth-grade core subject area awards were to be presented at the eighth-grade promotion Thursday.

Finally, the most prestigious award of the day went to seventh-grade Quale-Arnold honoree Ashlyn Wadsworth.

The Quale/Arnold Award, long considered the school’s highest award, is named after Duane and Lois Quale, who together dedicated around 70 years to the district, and Cathy Arnold, who dedicated around 35 years to the district. This award traditionally goes to seventh-grade and the eighth-grade students who value education and are dedicated to their studies and whom their teachers consider “the most joy to have in class” in both the seventh- and the eighth-grade.

The eighth-grade Quale-Arnold award was to be presented at the eighth-grade promotion ceremony Thursday afternoon.

Honor Level All-Stars awards were presented to those who did not have any missing assignments or disciplinary referrals all year. These went to the following sixth-graders:

Tenley Barden, Catherine Beck, Ian Cassidy, Brooklyn Chipman, Ella Clifton, Noah Copsey, Christian Crabtree, Aiden DeBlare, Finnegan DeBlare, Justin De La Rosa, Brenna Dempsey, Hilden Dempsey, Mikayla Dvorak, Ellie Ebel, Marley-Jo Ells, Claire Engle, Ashlyn Eke, Mila Frank, Noah Gellendin, Ava Geyer, Kiarah Gonzalez, Jamie Gonzalez-Hernandez, Claire Griffith, Iris Harstford, Maxwell Henderson, William Hodgins, Olivia Jennrich, Benjamin Kalmon, Amelia Kamenick, Kateri Kawleski, Jayla Kehoe, Campbell Krause, Whitney Kreklow, Aiden Kuss-Merkel, Chase Langholff, Livvie Liebman, Jason Logan, Addison McMahon, Chase Meixner, Stuart Mendez-Cadena, Breleigh Mengel, Maggie Mindemann, Eulises Moreno, Derek Morrison, Dimmond Ortiz, Ashley Osorio-Ramirez, Caden Pagenkopf, Haley Petersen, Kaden Pettegrew, Quinn Rundle, Aidan Salemo, Rosalia Sanchez, Cale Schmidt, Kadence Schuld, Caleb Schultz, Anthony Schunk, Katie Serrano, Joseph Shoop, Ava Skoug, Chloe Smith, Payton Splittgerber, Samuel Steies, Tyler Steinke, Trevor Tessman, Valeria Torres-Lopez, Owen Tully, Anastasia Utrie, Chase Wangsness, Alecsandra Weinbrener, Madalyn Welter, Brooklynn Wiese, Jasmin Wirth and Logan Zamber.

Honor level awards went to the following seventh-graders:

Dakota Alvarado, Citlali Basilio, Grace Behm, Ava Beyer, Emily Boucher, Haylie Brasch, Alexis Bronstad, Daniel Carl, Nicholas Castillo, Jemima Cervantes Navarro, Bradon Chesmore, Monserrath Cortes Genis, Allyson Cunningham, Nathaniel Davis, Ana Dehnert, Olivia Dehnert, Alexis Dobson, Angelina Dow, Natalie Eilenfeldt, Lily Fairfield, Destiny Filter, Jordan Fleege, Sabrina French, Samantha Ganser, Brenda Golzalez, Allison Graham, Liam Grossman, Kasmira Guptill, Kazmina Guptill, Lilly Harmon, Payton Heard, Summer Huebel, Hunter Jacobson, Kassandra Kloss, John Kraus, Colton Krause, Libby Krause, Aniya Lee-Hydara, Jena Lenz, Annabelle Luebke, Claudia Maze, Elizabeth Miller, Kiana Mitchell, Mario Ortiz, Rilynne Preston, Joseph Pupanek, Kylie Rechlin, Devan Redenius, Erika Rojas Olivares, Henrik Ross, Annly Saavedra, Brooke Salzwedel, Payton Schmidt, Cynthia Schnarsky, Riley Schroedl, Zachary Schweitzer, Palmer Schwieso, Parker Schwieso, Jaden Sikora, Rachel Simonson, Abigail Smith, Andi Spies, Keirah Sterwald, Beronica Stewart, Sofia Stigler, Ashlyn Tessman, Gabriel Trefftzs, Timothy Vang, Natalia Becchione, Ashlyn Wadsworth, Mariah Wagner, Kyle Werner, Alison Werning, Makaylla Wiedenfeld, Ian Willis and Alyssa Wollenzien.

The awards also went to the following eighth-graders:

Julia Arellano, Alexadra Aspeitia, Christopher Barajas, Mathew Buchholz, Avery Burns, Sara Cabrera Torres, Ismerai Cervantes, Stephanie Cervantes, Noah Clifton, Hunter Dearborn, Drew Deleon, Dylan Dettmann, Lilly Duddeck, Noah Dusenberry, Jaden Gallenberg-Staffeil, David Ganser, Hector Garcia, Jordan Gehl, Madeleine Griffith, Osiris Guerson, Ryan Haffelder, Annalisa Hagenbart, Madisen Heiman, Caitlyn Hodgins, John Hooper, Jackson Horton, Cole Huebel, Blake Jacobson, Alex Janikowski, Aaron Johnson, Kyra Kalmon, Lillian Kamenick, Ciera Kiupelis, Lauren Kopelke, Reagan Kopelke, Rhea Laurin, Alexa Medina, Abigail Moreno, Jayden Morgan, Elena Myers, Gracie Niebler, Ashley Olmos-Garcia, Alexandria Ostopowicz, Caden Pankow, Kylie Patterson, Quyn Peardon, Kathryn “Harley” Peterson, Ethan Phillips, Paden Phillips, Jerrette Ramirez, Jocelyn Ramirez, Paige Raue, Anthony Renteria, Emma Riedl, Emma Roehl, Eli Rue, Leo Ruhland, Carissa Schaub, Rebecca Slaybaugh, Samantha Steinke, Brady Szwec, Mackenzie Thom, Danny Tyloch, Rachel Weber, Ryan Werni, Ty Westenberg, Colleen Wilson and Natalie Wipperfurth.

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