JEFFERSON — The School District of Jefferson has revised its COVID-19 dashboard for greater clarity, including both the current weekly total of COVID-19 cases in each school and the weekly transmission percentage that represents.

Currently, all schools except Jefferson Middle School show low or no COVID-19 cases.

However, unless trends reverse in the next week, Jefferson Middle School is getting closer to the 3% transmission number that would require masking by all students and staff.

In the previous week, the Daily Union had reported that Jefferson Middle School showed a 5% transmission rate. Actually, at that time, there were five individual cases which had been confirmed during that week.

The tally for Oct. 8 shows that number jumping to 10 cases — even as older cases fell off the list, a number of new cases were reported in that week.

This still amounts only to a 2.19% transmission rate for the school overall, although it’s worth noting that the transmission rate at the eighth-grade level is significantly higher.

Addressing the rash of eighth grade cases earlier last week, Jefferson schools Superintendent Charles Urness noted last Thursday that in the seven days prior to that, Jefferson Middle School had seen seven confirmed COVID-19 cases.

“What is concerning is that they all are in the same grade,” Urness said. “As a result, we took steps to notify parents in that grade to prevent cluster transmission.

“Tracking the data is challenging because as (new) students test positive we also have students coming off isolation who we no longer count as positive,” he added.

As of Thursday afternoon, the transmission rate for Jefferson Middle School was calculated at 1.54%. The updated data from Friday show a 2.19% transmission level, with 10 cases throughout the middle school.

Meanwhile, Jefferson High School showed one current case, for a 0.14% transmission rate; Sullivan Elementary School showed two current cases, for a 1.08% transmission rate; and West and East elementary schools did not show any current cases.

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