Inauguration Day has been the subject of much concern since supporters of President Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol exactly two weeks ago.

As the United States prepares to change its leadership through the observance of Inauguration Day and the swearing in of President-elect Joe Biden — who today becomes our 46 president — recently, the Daily Union traveled around the county, asking area residents: Given the political divide in our country, what feelings do you have about Inauguration Day?

Kylee Buehre, a resident of Fort Atkinson, said: “It’s definitely going to be hectic, but it’s the best thing we can do for our country right now, seeing how Trump supporters went in and stormed the White House (U.S. Capitol building).” 

Guillermo Vivanco, Madison, said, “I hope everybody can participate, forgetting about all the division, anger and racism that was created, and remember that together we can recuperate the four years that got lost, for the good of all of us.”

Vivanco, translating for his wife, Angelica Avalos, who is more comfortable speaking Spanish and also of Madison, said “she feels really happy and hopes everything can come back to normal like we used to have. And she is hoping everything will be better for all of us, and everybody could be together.”

Jeremy Busse, of Fort Atkinson and pictured with his daughter, Alice, said he felt “Anxiousness and joy.”

Katie Mumm, Fort Atkinson, said she felt “Nervousness and excitement.”

Derek Metz, McFarland, remarked: “It’s not a day unfortunately I’m looking forward to, mainly due to uncertainty about what’s about to happen.”

Gail Bailey, Jefferson, commented: “I have actually a lot of fear and hope at the same time. I hope we can go forward on a more united front, and I have fear over the potential for violence. And I hope that doesn’t happen.”

Lauren Hoffmann, Whitewater, said: “I feel like it will be a very interesting day on what actually happens.”

Monica Bebee, Jefferson, said she felt “scared.”

Pat Clark, Rome, said: “I hope it goes very peaceful. People have got to start getting along, and I pray people will start to get along, and I hope there is no violence.”

Rialey Martin, Jefferson, said: “I’m excited to see change. There has been a lot of violence, and with the change with Biden we get a fresh pair of eyes.”

Dylan Green, Waunakee, said: “I’m having high hopes. The climate’s been a bit edgy because of the riots at the Capitol, so I have my guard up. Fifty riots at state capitols, is it likely? Probably not, but I’m hoping people will keep aware of it, even if it doesn’t happen.”

Anna Harmon, Lodi, said: “I’m a little skeptical and fearful about what might happen, but I’m optimistic it will be OK. At least the National Guard will be there, but I still feel a little uncertain about what’s going to happen.”

Taylor Pache, Marshall, said: “I would say it’s just an exciting time to get new leadership, and I’m excited to see what they accomplish in their time.”

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