CONCORD — The County Highway E bridge over Interstate 94 near Concord will likely be closed in the coming days, for a brief period, to allow for repairs to be completed after the structure was hit by a dump truck that was being used in work on I-94.

“The County Highway E bridge over I-94 was damaged during construction on I-94 and the bridge was closed for a short duration while the extent of the damage was being assessed,” a media release from Jefferson County stated. “It was determined that the bridge could be reopened, but only to one lane to keep traffic off of the damaged girder below the closed lane.”

The county said a repair is being developed that will hopefully be implemented yet this fall.

“During this time, a temporary traffic signal is in place to allow one lane of travel to occur at a time, alternating directions,” the county stated. “Please use caution when traveling the Highway E corridor, as motorists will most likely have to come to a stop prior to crossing the bridge.

The county said that, when the bridge is being repaired, it will likely have to be completely closed. Advance notice will be given prior to the closing of bridge.

Persons with questions should call the Jefferson County Highway Department at 920-674-7265.

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