IXONIA — The April 6 general election for two open supervisors’ seats in the Town of Ixonia will feature four candidates — Rick Ziegler, Clark Eckert, Andrew Maduscha and incumbent Peter Mark.

The candidates submitted information on their backgrounds, qualifications for office and platforms.

Clark Eckert

Eckert, W1361 Gopher Hill Road, Ixonia, has lived in the area for five years and has been married to Amy Eckert for 17 years. He is a graduate of Watertown High School and has no previous political experience. He is employed as a process technician at Sussex Injection Molding.

His statement of candidacy reads:

“I am seeking the position of Ixonia Town Board Supervisor because I care about this town, the rural character and the ‘small town feel’ that brought my family here. Due to the current town board’s lack of transparency in regard to the We Energies LNG project, I feel it would be irresponsible for me to just sit back and watch what happens.

“Myself, as well as many residents of Ixonia, are against this project and we were told by the board in September, ‘We don’t care what you think. We are voting yes for this project.’ At that moment, I realized if I wanted to continue to raise my family here in Ixonia, I needed to do something about this.

“I think my leadership skills, willingness to listen, communicate and work for the residents of Ixonia makes me a good fit for this position. I pledge to do my best to protect the rural character that Ixonia is known for and has brought many residents to this growing community. Ralph Marston said, ‘What you do today can improve all your tomorrow’s.’”

Andy Maduscha

Maduscha, W1029 Hunter Lane, Ixonia, has lived in the area for three years and is married to Cassie Maduscha. His education includes a major in finance with an end user computing emphasis from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

His political experience includes two years on the Ixonia Park and Recreation Committee and one month as a town supervisor. He is employed at Verisk Insurance as a field representative. He is a member of civic organizations including Golden Lake Ice & Dirt Enthusiasts, where he is business coordinator. He is also part of the Oconomowoc Throttle Jockeys Snowmobile Club, where he is membership chairman.

His statement of candidacy reads:

“I grew up in the Lake Country area, moved away after college, and decided to build a home in Ixonia, as I missed the area and love the small town charm and neighborly feeling here. Additionally, I wanted to give back to the community, so I got involved on the park and recreation committee. After two years of work, I want to do more. I am running for town supervisor to help our community grow, while listening to its residents and will try to resolve our conflicts with a common sense attitude and approach. I have no hidden agenda. My only goal is to give back to the area that has already given so much to us.”

Peter Mark

Incumbent Mark, W1786 Rockvale Road, Ixonia, has lived in the area for the past 50 years and is married to Pamela Mark. His education includes degrees in business, human resources and safety/environmental engineering. His previous political experience includes his service as a supervisor on the Ixonia Town Board, as well as Park and Recreation Committee, where he was supervisor. He was also active in student government while in college. He is employed at American Management Solutions as a human resources and safety engineer. His involvement in civic organizations include 4H, Compass Finances, American Society of Safety Professionals, Waukesha Safety Council, White Stone Community Church and Living Hope International Federation of Environmental Technologists.

His statement of candidacy reads:

“Being a longtime resident of Ixonia, I am keenly aware of community relations, activities and heritage.

“Going forward, I will continue to maintain a positive governance dedicated to hearing Ixonia’s constituency and ensuring their wishes form the decisions of the Ixonia Town Board. As always, I will pursue efficient governance with minimal taxation while offering quality services to Ixonia’s community.

“The most important issue facing the board is to ensure the new We Energies development is the safest facility in the country. My past experience and education in safety management systems gives me a significant advantage to fight for the safety of every area resident and visitors to our community. The board also wrestles with finding adequate funding to maintain the roads and bridges in our community while minimizing taxation.

“My past board experience and business management provides me with the necessary knowledge to manage town budgeting and negotiations. The Ixonia Town Board is also challenged with balancing community development with farming, working with business to develop family supporting jobs and calibrating with our school systems to provide good educational opportunities for the future. My longterm residency in Ixonia and continued involvement in the community gives me a unique ability to see all sides of board issues and I can make decisions that benefit the whole community.”

Rick Ziegler

Ziegler, of N9493 North Road, has been a resident of Ixonia since 2018. He has been married to Kathy Ziegler for 43 years. He has been a pharmacist for more than 40 years. He has no previous political experience and is retired.

His statement of candidacy reads:

“Enthusiastically, I look forward to serving the residents of Ixonia. I will do this being progressive, transparent and energetic. Progressive by looking to the future needs of our town including safety, environmental concerns; transparent with all financial dealings and proposals for this community; energetic by being willing to spend the time to see what the residents of this community need and want.

Please vote on April 6. Tom Clark and I are committed to represent you. Thank you for your consideration.”

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