LAKE MILLS — A 37-year-old Lake Mills man is facing his second charge of operating while intoxicated after an altercation with police Sept. 26 on O’Neil Street in Lake Mills.

Shane Q. Rogers is charged with his second OWI and resisting or obstructing an officer after police responded to a domestic incident involving Rogers pushing a car down the street with his truck.

According to a criminal complaint, when police arrived at the 300 block of Owen Street, officers could smell the odor of intoxicants on Rogers’ breath.

The complaint states Rogers was upset that police were there and said he paid the officer’s salary and the officer could not tell him what to do.

Officers reportedly observed a black Ford Fusion about 30 yards in front of the truck about three feet away from the curb. The officer asked Rogers how the car got to where it was. Rogers told police to give him a ticket.

Rogers had difficulty standing and continued to argue with officers during the incident.

The woman whose car was pushed into the roadway was on the deck when she heard Rogers’ truck coming, according to the complaint. She said he almost hit the mailbox before parking behind her vehicle and pushing it out of the way.

Rogers refused field sobriety tests and resisted officers when they attempted to place him in handcuffs. A Wisconsin State Trooper used an electronic control device to stun Rogers back to subdue him. Rogers refused to submit to a blood test. Police obtained an OWI search warrant and his blood was drawn at Fort Atkinson Memorial Hospital.

An initial appearance is scheduled for Rogers Oct. 14 in Jefferson County Circuit Court. If convicted, he could face up to 15 months in jail and up to $11,100 in fines.

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