Milbrath traffic award

National Sheriff’s Association President Vernon Stanforth, Sheriff Paul Milbrath, Retired Sheriff and National Sheriff’s Traffic Safety Committee Chair John Whetsel and Will Price of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are shown as Milbrath receives the J. Stannard Baker Award in Phoenix, Ariz. recently.

JEFFERSON — Jefferson County Sheriff Paul Milbrath was honored recently at a national conference in Arizona for his effort at making the roads of Jefferson County safer.

Milbrath recently received the J. Stannard Baker Award from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at the National Sheriff’s Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

The award was presented in recognition of outstanding achievements in traffic safety by county law enforcement.

Milbrath was nominated for this award by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Captain Travis Maze, with endorsements from the Jefferson County Tavern League, the State Tavern League of Wisconsin, AARP, past President of Mothers’ Against Drunk Driving Colleen E. Sheehy, Jefferson County Highway Commissioner William Kern, Town of Koshkonong Chair Bill Burlingame and MADD National Law Enforcement Initiative’s Manager Ron Regphole.

The National Sheriff’s Association has been presenting the J. Stannard Baker Award since 1985 and Milbrath was the first in Wisconsin law enforcement or individual to receive this award.

“Milbrath received this award for all of his work in making Jefferson County roads safer throughout his career,” a media release from the sheriff’s office stated. “Under Sheriff Milbrath’s leadership, Jefferson County has seen over a 60% decrease in traffic fatalities and he has been instrumental in teaching AARP’s Safe Driver classes to area seniors for more than 15 years, along with procuring numerous traffic safety grants and traffic initiating.”

Milbrath said that, although the award may have been presented to him, it would not have been possible without the efforts of the entire sheriff’s office staff, especially the deputies operating the traffic safety programs.

“I can’t thank my staff enough for believing in the importance of traffic safety and its many benefits,” Milbrath said.

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