It appears that a disturbing crime spree, in which women were being targeted for their motor vehicles, has concluded.

“Fortunately the crime spree has come to an end, for now,” Watertown Police Department Administrative Capt. Ben Olsen said. “I think it’s important to note that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened in our area, and it won’t be the last.”

The Watertown Police Department has been busy in recent days investigating several potentially violent attempted carjackings and thefts of motor vehicles.

Some of these incidents had victims threatened by gunmen and had seen a Watertown police officer involved in a high-speed chase that hit more than 100 mph on State Highway 16 east to Oconomowoc.

The incidents were occurring in the evenings and the perpetrators were targeting women.

“Watertown is conveniently located between Madison and Milwaukee, which sometimes brings big city problems,” Olsen said. “Not too long ago there was a spree of home invasions and car thefts around southern Wisconsin. If memory serves right, the suspects were from the Madison area. For the incidents last week, all of the incidents happened on Church Street or Fourth Street. Both are main roads that give suspects an easy getaway, if needed, to State Highway 26 or Highway 16.”

Olsen said Watertown detectives are currently working with the Milwaukee Police Department to identify, locate and arrest the suspects involved in the Watertown incidents.

They were described as being two men and a woman.

“We will provide an update as the investigation comes to an end,” Olsen said.

“We understand how these types of random acts affect our community. We have increased patrol in the city, specifically around the areas mentioned earlier to provide a quick getaway. Officers are patrolling in marked and unmarked squad cars.” he said.

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