Don Pridemore has announced that he will be running as a write-in candidate for the 13th State Senate District that formerly was held by Scott Fitzgerald.

In February, Watertown Republican John Jagler captured 57 percent of the vote in the 13th Senate District primary over his fellow Republicans Don Pridemore and Todd Menzel, and will be the nominee in the April 6 election.

Jagler had 5,978 votes, with Pridemore finishing second in the primary with 3,309 votes.

Turnout in Wisconsin’s spring primary election barely topped 7%, one-tenth of what turnout was just three months ago in the November presidential election.

The field for the seat is getting crowded; five people now are seeking the 13th State Senate District seat.

Running for the vacated seat are independent candidates Spencer Zimmerman and Ben Schmitz, as well as Republican Jagler, who currently represents the 37th Assembly District, and Democrat Melissa Winker.

Pridemore said people have contacted him to say they want more choices on the ballot.

“Numerous supporters of mine have asked that I do this even though it is a long shot to win,” Pridemore said. “People do want a better choice of candidates than are currently on the ballot, rather than vote for one, or hold their nose and choose. Some candidates claim they are conservative, but fall short of that status.”

Pridemore said he wants to see more control on state spending, because increased spending increases taxes and “Wisconsin is still a high tax state.”

He asked what candidate in the election has shown leadership in the areas of the Second Amendment, the protecting the unborn and election reform?

Pridemore said if a voter supports Sen. Steve Nass, Andre Jacque and Duey Strobel, then they should be comfortable supporting him in the election on April 6.

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