AZTALAN — Three people are seeking two supervisors’ seats in Aztalan in the April 6 election.

They are incumbents Michael Burow, Larry Christianson, with Dawn Miller the newcomer.

The three were sent questionnaires by the newspaper.

Mike BurowBurow is a lifetime resident of Jefferson County and a 26-year resident of Aztalan Township. He is married to Carol Gross and they have three adult children.

He was appointed to the Aztalan Town Board in 2014 and is a former three-term supervisor for the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors, representing Aztalan.

His statement of candidacy reads:

“I am familiar with county departments and personnel, which aids me in making informed decisions on the town board. I have time for the job.

The current board plans ahead and that has resulted in paying off a 1967 debt owed to the Wisconsin Retirement system in the amount of $145,000, with interest accruing at $10,000 per year. A five-year road plan was implemented, resulting in roadwork being caught up and now averaging three miles per year, with bidding being done earlier for lower costs.

The board has done a full town revaluation of properties in 2020-21 and also updated our comprehensive plan in 2019. All of these things were done over several budget cycles to enable us to get it done and all within budget, no borrowing needed and no tax increase.

I am state certified for board of review and was elected chairman of the board of review the past three years. This is important with the town revaluation now completed. I am the only current board member who had hands-on involvement with contracts with both companies and municipalities and am well-versed in contract language. Contracts in effect now, as well as other financial decisions that I had direct involvement with, have saved the citizens over $150,000 in tax dollars.

All work and town business is being done within budget and since 2019 it is the first time the town has not owed money in over 52 years. We own all our own town garage equipment and we now have one full time and three part time workers. We continually look for ways to save tax dollars, obtain grants, and to keep Aztalan moving forward in a positive, productive manner for the benefit of all.

Larry ChristiansonChristianson lives at 6002 Gehler Road and has been an Aztalan resident for 71 years. He has been married to Jo Christianson for 52 years. He graduated from Jefferson High School in 1966.

Over the years, he said, he has taken a variety of self-improvement classes at MATC. He has been a supervisor on the Aztalan Town board for the past four years and served four years prior to that.

He retired from Dodge Concrete as a salesman in 2019. He worked in different areas of construction in supervisory positions for most of his career. He is an active member of the Knight of Columbus.

His statement of candidacy reads:

“I listen to the concerns residents of Aztalan have on roads, growth and other issues, while working toward cooperative solutions. I want to keep our township a family and farm friendly community.

“I want to see that our parks are maintained for residential enjoyment. My objectives are to maintain road quality, improve maintenance programs as necessary, and continue working with local fire departments and EMS to provide the best and most efficient services possible in emergency situations.

“Thank you again for electing me as your supervisor in the past.”

Dawn MillerMiller, W6487 County Highway B, has lived in the area for 42 years.

She is married to Daniel Topel. Her education includes an associate’s degree in healthcare administration and she also holds state licenses for health and life insurance.

She has no previous political experience but has been a part of many different committees to make improvements within the work place.

She is employed at ARYV Medical Transportation as a driver and is a volunteer for the Make-a-Wish Organization.

Her statement of candidacy reads:

“I am seeking this position because I feel that electing me would be a great change for the Town of Aztalan and I am extremely approachable and open-minded. I have lived in this amazing town for almost my entire life and I want nothing but the best for the citizens in it and for Aztalan itself. I have a background in customer service, leadership, multitasking and problem-solving. My current position is part-time and allows me to be flexible.”

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